I Love L.A. (Escape From L.A., 1996)

Escape-From-LA-posterJohn Carpenter’s first sequel.  Escape From L.A. brings back Snake Plissken.  The setup here is that in the late 20th century, a Presidential predicts a major earthquake will hit California and Las Vegas because of their sinful ways.  Unlike Pat Robertson, his prediction comes true.  American makes the now island of Los Angeles a one way prison.  The president was elected to a lifetime appointment.  They instituted a theocracy.  If you were to sinful you were sent to L.A. (but you get the option to repent of your sin and be immediately electrocuted).

In the future of 2013, the President’s daughter (oddly named Utopia, because a hyper-religious parent would name their kid Utopia?  Or is the implication that he used to be a hippie?)  has stolen an important prototype and run off to L.A.  Like before, the government calls in Snake Plissken and forces hm to make a deal to go into L.A. and get the prototype back so a potential invasion of America can be averted.

Plissken runs into all sorts of Oddballs, such as evil plastic surgeons and a surfer gang.  He gets help from the morally ambiguous Map to the Stars Eddie and the sexy Taslima.  He takes on Cuervo Jones in an attempt to get the prototype.

Like most sequels, Escape From L.A. mimics Escape from New York a lot.  There is even a scene where he walks into a club and finds a dead Rescue Team member he was tracking.  On the other hand, the film really amps up the action.

The film has stuff that does not really make sense.  The Evangelical President outlawed eating of red meat?  I mean, it might make more sense if the laws were based in Old Testament.  The effects are not..well…effective.  Many scenes are clearly green screened.  The basketball sequence just does not compare to the gladiatorial combat of the first film.

This is not to say the film is terrible.  The cast, including Steve Buscemi, Valeria Golina, Pam Grier, Stacy Keach and Cliff Robertson are all good.  And Russell slips right back into the skin of Snake Plissken with ease.  One of the most entertaining moments is when Snake is captured by the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills (Played by Bruce Campbell).  He leads a group of surgically enhanced misfits…they need to keep replenishing their body parts and look like the surgical disasters of nightmare on E! Television.

Escape From L.A. is fun, but comes no where near the classic status of Escape from New York.



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  1. Love that opening score (even if it is the same one from EFNY just more guitar)! And the basketball scene is not CGI. It’s just every night after principle shooting they would go out with Kurt and have him chuck basketballs until he got ’em. Impressive, right?


    1. Oh yeah…the opening score is great. And I think that the fact that they did not CGI the basketball shot is impressive. Alien Ressurection had something similar. When she is walking away and throws the basketball over her shoulder? The ball goes through the net without any enhancement. Weaver makes the shot.


    2. Hmm I would love to say that Kurt Russell actually made that last long court for court basket while playing basketball in fact I know he did not make it because I was there off-camera in the stands watching he made all the other shots except that one I know this because I worked on the movie and I watch the whole filming of his basketball plane and he did not make it don’t get me wrong I enjoy all of Kerch work but I was there I am the guy who gives Kurt a push through the gate to the basketball court like I said I was there at night filming watching as this was going on thank you very much 😎

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      1. Boy oh boy these words get all twisted up anyways Kurt made all of those basketball shots except the full-court shot I’ve always enjoyed his movies since I was a kid but like I said I was up there in the stands watching them film the basketball court scenes and if anybody else was there then they know that he did not make it but I enjoyed working with Kurt Russell and work with him again on the movie soldier just telling you the way I saw it and I seen it while watching from the stands all my best from CRETE Nebraska 😎

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  2. “Good evening from NEBRASKA this is david Desi macias jr. Same guy who worked the most awesome dude ever kurt russell in escape from la & also in the movie 🎥 soldier helluva guy that kurt russell anyways 2020 update from myself myself & 2 other members of my family got hit by the Coronavirus 🦠 recently April 2020 and are slowly recovering I believe I got the virus 🦠 from my job “Smithfield Foods” in Crete Nebraska and today is May 5, 2020 and looking back on this someday I hope and pray that they do as I had asked for “3-5 days off to clean & sanitize and test all employees during this time off because I’m truly afraid for some of us “ that our next breath.. may be our last breath” thank you all for your support.. sincerely “david Desi macias jr” crete nebraska ❤️🙏🏽❤️ May 5, 2020


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