Month: October 2019

Children of the Corny Part 2

So, the following year brought us the 6th film, which brought back the original Isaac (played by John Franklin, the original actor!) and was creatively titled Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return.  A young woman who was adopted out believes her real mother… Continue Reading “Children of the Corny Part 2”

The Children of the Corny Part 1

So, originally, I was going to review each of the Children of the Corn Films. But frankly, I did not feel like writing detailed reviews of all ten films…because…well… The Franchise is pretty awful. Please note, I will not be avoiding spoilers and am… Continue Reading “The Children of the Corny Part 1”

Deadlines (Countdown, 2019)

People download a new app that predicts the time of your death. The thing is, people who get information regarding an upcoming date, end up dead. Nurse Quinn Harris downloads the app and finds out she has about two days to live. She and… Continue Reading “Deadlines (Countdown, 2019)”

Sanity and the Sea (The Lighthouse, 2019)

As the lights went up, I overheard a guy say to his friend “I really enjoyed it, but I could not tell you what it was f*****g about.” I honestly feel like this film should not work. It is in black and white. It… Continue Reading “Sanity and the Sea (The Lighthouse, 2019)”

Two For the Price of One (Gemini Man, 2019)

Henry Brogan is the best sniper there is. He has spent his life  shooting terrorists and those who help them.  But when he retires, he discovers that his most recent target may have been an innocent man, and retiring from the top secret government… Continue Reading “Two For the Price of One (Gemini Man, 2019)”

Who Can You Trust? (Goodnight Mommy, 2014)

Lukas and Elias have been waiting for their mother to return to their remote home after some surgery. But when she arrives, face encased in bandages, the twin brothers instantly start to question if their mother has truly returned. What unfolds is a terrifying… Continue Reading “Who Can You Trust? (Goodnight Mommy, 2014)”

Never Sleep Again (The Nightmare, 2015)

Never Sleep Again is focused on the condition known as Sleep Paralysis.  People afflicted by it describe the terrifying experience of being visited by specters while being unable to move. Some reference aliens, others demons and some, simply dark and ominous men. It is… Continue Reading “Never Sleep Again (The Nightmare, 2015)”

The Viral Legend of Wrinkles the Clown (Wrinkles the Clown, 2019)

In 2015, videos of a creepy clown called Wrinkles emerging from beneath a child’s bed went viral, followed by various sightings and then stickers inviting parents to call  Wrinkles to scare naughty children. This documentary focuses on the phenomenon from both the perspective of… Continue Reading “The Viral Legend of Wrinkles the Clown (Wrinkles the Clown, 2019)”

Unstoppable Trickery (Trick, 2019)

One Halloween at a party of the local high schoolers, one student suddenly shocks everyone by slaughtering almost everyone at the party.  The student, nicknamed Trick, is wounded and while in the hospital breaks free, after taking several bullets and falling out a window,… Continue Reading “Unstoppable Trickery (Trick, 2019)”

No Escape (Haunt, 2019)

A group of friends go to an incredibly remote extreme haunted house to try and take one girl’s mind off her boyfriend problems. After turning in their cell phones and signing a waiver, they enter. But it does not take long before they discover… Continue Reading “No Escape (Haunt, 2019)”