Month: February 2019

Duality (The Hate U Give, 2018)

Starr and her family live in the poor part of town. But her mother pushed for sending Starr and her brother Seven to a prestigious (and mostly white) school. There Starr lives a very different life, downplaying any aspect of herself that might invite… Continue Reading “Duality (The Hate U Give, 2018)”

Urban Legends (The People Under the Stairs, 1991)

In 1988 Wes Craven explored Voodoo, but it was through the eyes of a white man in Haiti.  With the People Under the Stairs,  Craven looks at the plight of under privileged communities and the underlying causes of crime (poverty). There are rumors of… Continue Reading “Urban Legends (The People Under the Stairs, 1991)”

Voodoo Salvation (Scream, Blacula, Scream, 1973)

Blacula was a straight forward vampire film. And it spawned a sequel.  Because if Dracula can keep coming back, why can’t Blacula??!! In this film, the embittered son of a voodoo priestess seeks revenge against the Voodoo Community names another member as her successor.… Continue Reading “Voodoo Salvation (Scream, Blacula, Scream, 1973)”

Blood Prince (Blacula, 1972)

The 70’s were a time of revolution in cinema. Directors were finding greater freedom in the stories they could tell and what they could put up on the screen for mainstream audiences.  Those years also saw the rise of blacksploitation films.  Blacula was one… Continue Reading “Blood Prince (Blacula, 1972)”

A Million To One (Get On the Bus, 1996)

Organized by Louis Farrakhan, the Million Man March was a march on Washington for black men. The purposed was a reclaiming of roles that some leaders felt had been taken from black men (both through institutional racism and by their own choices).  Farrakhan was… Continue Reading “A Million To One (Get On the Bus, 1996)”

Sugar and Spite (Alita Battle Angel, 2019)

Set 300 years after all but one “sky city” fell to the earth, Dr. Dyson Ido finds the remains of a cyborg with a still functional human brain. In this future, cybernetic are a part of life, there are many that have cybernetic limbs.… Continue Reading “Sugar and Spite (Alita Battle Angel, 2019)”

Voodoo Vengeance (Sugar Hill, 1974)

Diana’s beloved has been murdered…seeking revenge, she reached out to Mama Maitresse who calls forth the mystical Voodoo Priest Baron Samedi.  He raises an army of the undead, telling Diana to “put them to evil use…it is all the want!” The sole feature directed… Continue Reading “Voodoo Vengeance (Sugar Hill, 1974)”

The Art of Addiction (Ganja & Hess, 1973)

Dr. Hess is attacked by his assistant, who promptly commits suicide. When he awakens, Hess has no wounds and he has a compulsion to drink blood.  He stores his assistant’s body for safe keeping, but then is contacted by Ganja, the assistant’s wife.  Ganja… Continue Reading “The Art of Addiction (Ganja & Hess, 1973)”

Black Fears (Horror Noire, 2019)

When you think of horror, it can often seem like people of color don’t exist. The Universal classics were devoid of black people. And even when they were present, they were violent savages (1933’s King Kong). But Horror Noire looks deeper into the presence… Continue Reading “Black Fears (Horror Noire, 2019)”

A Time For Grief, A Time for Theft (Widows, 2018)

Veronica, Linda and Alice have lost their husbands in a tragedy. They discover their husbands were professional thieves. To add to their grief, they find their lives under siege, specifically from Jamal Manning.  While he is running for public office, Manning is also a… Continue Reading “A Time For Grief, A Time for Theft (Widows, 2018)”