Month: March 2018

Tormented (Unforgiven, 1992)

One night in a small town, local ranch hands are visiting the local whorehouse. One of the ranch hands becomes enraged with the girl he is with and brutally attacks her, leaving her scarred.  When the Sheriff, Little Bill, arrives, he sets the penalties… Continue Reading “Tormented (Unforgiven, 1992)”

In Their Prime (Tombstone, 1993)

Wyatt Earp arrives with his wife Mattie in the town of Tombstone during the silver boom.  He meets with his brothers Virgil and Morgan and their wives.  Shortly after taking over work in the local saloon running the poker table, his friend Doc Holliday… Continue Reading “In Their Prime (Tombstone, 1993)”

Sick of Waiting for the World to End (Dudes, 1987)

Grant, Biscuit and Milo are three young punk rockers who decide to drive cross country to California. But on the way, a gang robs them and kills Milo.  When the police blow them off, Grant is determined to get revenge on the gang. Along… Continue Reading “Sick of Waiting for the World to End (Dudes, 1987)”

Fast and Furious (The Quick and the Dead, 1995)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…a mysterious drifter comes to town with a purpose only known to her. Ellen wanders into a small town ruled by Herod.  Every year, Herod holds a quick draw competition.  Gunfighters from all over come to show off… Continue Reading “Fast and Furious (The Quick and the Dead, 1995)”

Judge, Jury and… (Hang Em High, 1968

Jed Cooper is a former lawman. After buying some cattle, he finds himself at the mercy of a posse. Believing he killed the owner and stole the cattle, they hang him. He is found before he suffocates by a lawman who brings him to… Continue Reading “Judge, Jury and… (Hang Em High, 1968”

All Stand Together Pt 7 (Battle Beyond the Stars, 1980)

A peaceful planet called Akira is visited by the conqueror Sador.  He promises to return with an armada that will overrun the planet if they do not willingly submit to them.  A young man named Shad goes on a mission to get weapons and… Continue Reading “All Stand Together Pt 7 (Battle Beyond the Stars, 1980)”

All Stand Together Pt 6 (Seven Samurai, 1954)

Being set in sixteenth century Japan, some might question including this film in my series on westerns.  But having run through the Magnificent Seven films, not looking at the film that inspired them, that created one of the most memorable western motifs seemed downright… Continue Reading “All Stand Together Pt 6 (Seven Samurai, 1954)”

All Stand Together Pt 5 (The Magnificent Seven, 2016)

While there had been a two season TV series in the late 90’s, the Seven Samurai inspired franchise had remained quiet. Certainly, plenty of films have used the “group of gunslingers or outlaws step up to help people in need.  It is one of… Continue Reading “All Stand Together Pt 5 (The Magnificent Seven, 2016)”

All Stand Together Pt 4 (The Magnificent Seven Ride!, 1972)

Years after the original film, Chris Adams is a marshal. A friend seeks his help with a gang of bandits.  He refuses, but after both his wife and friend are killed in a robbery and attempted apprehension, he brings in a group of men… Continue Reading “All Stand Together Pt 4 (The Magnificent Seven Ride!, 1972)”

All Stand Together Pt 3 (Guns of the Magnificent Seven, 1969)

Revolutionary Quintero has been captured by the Federale.  He gets $600 to Max to continue the cause.  Bandit and revolutionary Lobero wants him to use the money for guns and ammo, but instead he hires Chris Adams.  They put together a new Seven to… Continue Reading “All Stand Together Pt 3 (Guns of the Magnificent Seven, 1969)”