All Stand Together Pt 3 (Guns of the Magnificent Seven, 1969)

Guns_of_the_Magnificent_Seven_PosterRevolutionary Quintero has been captured by the Federale.  He gets $600 to Max to continue the cause.  Bandit and revolutionary Lobero wants him to use the money for guns and ammo, but instead he hires Chris Adams.  They put together a new Seven to free Quintero.

The film attempts to ground itself in a sense of social awareness (in part with characters like Bernie Casey’s ex-slave Cassie and the treatment of the peasants they encounter).  But the story is less than engaging.

Without Yul Brynner, this film feels like it could be any western.  I like George Kennedy, but Chris does not feel like Chris here.  The Guns of the Magnificent Seven is just not  the return fans needed.

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