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Oh the Horror! (Cats, 2019)

Cats has a scene where Rebel Wilson’s Jennyanydots unzips her fur to reveal more fur and a costume and she eats cockroaches with human heads. This is a nightmare.  And I do not know where the responsibility all is falling too.  The story is… Continue Reading “Oh the Horror! (Cats, 2019)”

What a Scrooge Part 10 (Scrooge, 1970)

Before cementing his career as Jedi Ghost Ben Kenobi, Alec Guinness played non-Jedi Ghost Jacob Marley. As you may recall, Marley had been seven long years as our tale begins. Scrooge is, in this adaption as prior adaptions, uncharitable and cold. Along with the… Continue Reading “What a Scrooge Part 10 (Scrooge, 1970)”

Little Lake of Horrors (The Monster of Phantom Lake, the Musical!, 2016)

You know…if they were truly dedicated to authenticity, they would have painted everything and everyone in black and white. But still…the story follows closely the film.  Scientists and teens encounter an angry swamp monster.  A swamp thing, if you will. With Music and Lyrics… Continue Reading “Little Lake of Horrors (The Monster of Phantom Lake, the Musical!, 2016)”

Mythical Voyagers (Moana, 2016)

Disney’s Moana is the second time they have visited Polynesian.  The first was the fun Lilo and Stitch. This time around, Moana goes for mythical adventure. Moana is a young woman, destined to be chief of her island, like her father before her.  But… Continue Reading “Mythical Voyagers (Moana, 2016)”