Month: July 2018

Serious Teens (Teen Titans Go To the Movies, 2018)

When the Titans fight a giant balloon, the day is saved by Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, who are all on their way to the premier of Batman’s new movie. The Titans are informed that they are a bit of a joke, and… Continue Reading “Serious Teens (Teen Titans Go To the Movies, 2018)”

Blurred Lines (Den of Thieves, 2018)

Ray Merriman is ex-military and leads a skilled team of criminals that specialize in hard to pull off heists. They run afoul of the corrupt cop “Big Nick” O’Brien and his crack team officers who try and take them down. Big Nick and his… Continue Reading “Blurred Lines (Den of Thieves, 2018)”

Modern Problems (Sorry to Bother You, 2018)

Cassious (Cash to his friends) Green is just hoping to get a job, though he fears his life will never amount to anything at all. He wants his life to mean something. He rises up to be a top telemarketer and then is faced… Continue Reading “Modern Problems (Sorry to Bother You, 2018)”

Interference (Blockers, 2018)

Honestly, when I heard about a film focusing parents trying to stop their daughters from fulfilling a sex pact on prom night? I cringed. The boys get American Pie where their quest is validated…but for the girls it is all about stopping them? It… Continue Reading “Interference (Blockers, 2018)”

Big Little (Ant-Man and the Wasp, 2018)

We last saw Ant-Man in prison with the other heroes who sided with Cap in Civil War. People noticed that he was absent from all the Infinity War promotions, and while Infinity War gave a quick explanation of where he and Hawkeye were, Ant-Man… Continue Reading “Big Little (Ant-Man and the Wasp, 2018)”

First Time For Everything (The First Purge, 2018)

The Purge Franchise is based in a premise of a world where things got so bad, the United States has instituted a one night a year event called the Purge in which all crime is legalized for a twelve hour period. While many people… Continue Reading “First Time For Everything (The First Purge, 2018)”

Reach for the Sky! (Skyscraper, 2018)

I imagine the pitch meeting for Skyscraper went something like this… “Think ‘Die Hard’ in a really, really, really, really, really, really, really tall building.” “uh…” “Starring the Rock!” “SOLD!!!!!!!” The Rock plays Will Sawyer, who was in a major accident as a FBI… Continue Reading “Reach for the Sky! (Skyscraper, 2018)”

The Competition of Life (Game Night, 2018)

Game Night introduces the viewer to Max and Annie, a couple that are a very competitive team in games. Any game. Trivia, board games, whatever.  It shows us a series of events leading to the present, framing their relationship in this light of their… Continue Reading “The Competition of Life (Game Night, 2018)”

Crime Time (Ocean’s 8, 2018)

We have not seen an Ocean’s followed by a digit movie in eleven years.  And that has been okay. I really enjoyed the first and third films of the series led by the husband of Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband. But I had… Continue Reading “Crime Time (Ocean’s 8, 2018)”