Blurred Lines (Den of Thieves, 2018)

Den_of_Thieves_PosterRay Merriman is ex-military and leads a skilled team of criminals that specialize in hard to pull off heists. They run afoul of the corrupt cop “Big Nick” O’Brien and his crack team officers who try and take them down.

Big Nick and his crew force help from Merriman’s driver Donnie.  Donnie then has to try and play both sides the best he can to survive.

The film switches between their current heist and flashbacks, and it is a little confusing at first, but then the film starts to get better at making these jumps clear. To be honest, I have always felt Gerard Butler has limited range…but the film puts that to it to the best use.

There is nothing new to the heist genre here. The bad guys are super clever, the cops trying to stop them are of questionable moral character…even a lot of the big reveals are entirely too easy to see coming. But it does follow the rules pretty well, resulting in a fairly competent heist film.

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