Month: February 2018

Inevitability (Shane, 1953)

A quiet stranger rides onto the land of Joe Starrett and his family.  After initially trying to rush him off (believing him to be trouble), the stranger backs him up with a local rancher tries to strong-arm the Starretts off their land. Only giving… Continue Reading “Inevitability (Shane, 1953)”

Western Expansion

I apologize for going silent the past week.  Everyone has genres that they kind of get “burnt out” on.  While I enjoy westerns, it is the one genre where I can hit a wall, and need a break.  So I took a bit of… Continue Reading “Western Expansion”

Streets Run Red (Cassidy Red, 2017)

A young prostitute who appears to have had a very bad day starts to talk with a saloon (brothel?) piano player…an older man named Cricket, who tells her a tale of heartache and revenge. Joe Cassidy was the daughter of a prostitute. We then… Continue Reading “Streets Run Red (Cassidy Red, 2017)”

Beat the Devil (Diablo, 2015)

I gotta say…if you were going to make a western about young Bill Munny, Scott Eastwood would be the guy you would hire to play him. Jackson is a veteran of the Civil War whose young wife is kidnapped by Mexicans (the film is… Continue Reading “Beat the Devil (Diablo, 2015)”

On the Run (The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976)

At the end of the Civil War, Josey Wales just wanted to live in peace.  When Union Soldiers burn his house and kill his wife, he takes up with a band of rebellious Confederate Soldiers.  Eventually, their leader Fletcher convinces everyone to turn themselves… Continue Reading “On the Run (The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976)”

It’s Good to Be King (Black Panther, 2017)

Created by comic book icons Jack ‘the King’ Kirby and Stan Lee, Black Panther has seemed like a character Marvel wants to really make active…but struggles to figure out how to make him work best.  Initially being a guest star in the pages of… Continue Reading “It’s Good to Be King (Black Panther, 2017)”

The Wanderer (High Plains Drifter, 1973)

The small mining town of Lago is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious stranger who came from the desert.  After he guns down three men harassing him, the town wants his help.  The sheriff was killed by a gang, and they want him… Continue Reading “The Wanderer (High Plains Drifter, 1973)”

The Kidd Is Alright (Joe Kidd, 1972)

Ex-Bounty Hunter Joe Kidd is in jail.  His opportunity for freedom comes when Frank Harlan wants to hire him to take out the revolutionary leader Luis Chuma. Reluctant at first, when he learns Chuma has raided his ranch (and hurt a worker), Kidd joins… Continue Reading “The Kidd Is Alright (Joe Kidd, 1972)”

The Buddy Western (Two Mules For Sister Sara, 1970)

Hogan comes across Sara, a nun in peril.  After saving her, the two become traveling companions.  Sara is on the run from the French and Hogan agrees to help her out. Hogan is a more detailed character than his “man With No Name” role.… Continue Reading “The Buddy Western (Two Mules For Sister Sara, 1970)”

To the Victor Go the Spoils (Victor Crawley, 2017)

  Back in 2006, Adam Green made a splash within the horror genre with a throwback to 80’s slasher films called Hatchet.  The story of a group of folks on a Louisiana swamp tour who run afoul of the local legend Victor Crawley. The… Continue Reading “To the Victor Go the Spoils (Victor Crawley, 2017)”