The Buddy Western (Two Mules For Sister Sara, 1970)

Two_Mules_For_Sister_Sara_PosterHogan comes across Sara, a nun in peril.  After saving her, the two become traveling companions.  Sara is on the run from the French and Hogan agrees to help her out.

Hogan is a more detailed character than his “man With No Name” role. This is needed for the film, because Hogan and Sara’s relationship is dependent on their ability to connect to each other.  The film has a light undertone, mainly in the verbal sparring of Sara and Hogan.  One scene that works well is when a wounded Hogan explains that he needs Sarah to climb up a bridge to place the dynamite to blow some train tracks. Her shock going to resignation that she has got to do this to help out makes it a fun exchange.

Unsurprisingly, Shirley MacLaine can hold her own with Eastwood in any scene.  I confess, I do not have a ton to say about this one, but I think it is one of Eastwood’s more fun westerns.

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