Month: November 2016

Prison Without Prison Bars (Prisoners, 2013)

In this compelling, but bleak, tale Hugh Jackman is Keller Dover.  His Daughter and her friend have disappeared and he is working aggressively to find them.  As he feels the police are not working hard enough, he opts to kidnap the lead suspect.  He… Continue Reading “Prison Without Prison Bars (Prisoners, 2013)”

We Belong To The Night (Nightcrawler, 2014)

Jake Gyllenhaal is lowlife Louis Bloom.  He makes his living stealing and pawning stuff.  He is also not above harming people to get out of situations.  One night he discovers Joe Loder…a camera man who patrols the night for accidents, murders and other tragedies… Continue Reading “We Belong To The Night (Nightcrawler, 2014)”

Fear of Growing Up (The Edge of Seventeen, 2016)

The Edge of Seventeen opens…well, over-dramatically.  Nadine sits before her teacher, telling him she plans to kill herself.  She simply felt  an adult should know.  The response is…unexpected.  This leads to a recounting of Nadine’s life.  She has always felt in the shadow of… Continue Reading “Fear of Growing Up (The Edge of Seventeen, 2016)”

Food and Family (Chef, 2014)

Jon Favreau’s directorial career has managed a fair number of big budget hits.  He set the tome for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first two Iron Man films, and earlier this year wowed viewers with the Jungle Book.  After the failure of Cowboy’s… Continue Reading “Food and Family (Chef, 2014)”

Suitcase Packed (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 2016)

It was not long after the Harry Potter series came to a close, we got the fairly expected announcement of a new movie that would be set in the magical universe of Harry Potter.  This was certainly enough to get fans excited.  It was… Continue Reading “Suitcase Packed (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 2016)”

Serial Killers With No Victims (the Confessions of Thomas Quick, 2015)

The Confessions of Thomas Quick is the story of Sture Bergwall, Swedens most legendary serial killer.  He was quick to tell authorities, under the name Thomas quick, he was guilty of multiple boy’s deaths occurring between 1964 and 1993. Coming from a tough childhood… Continue Reading “Serial Killers With No Victims (the Confessions of Thomas Quick, 2015)”

Something Strange Going On That Wasn’t Here Before (Doctor Strange, 2016)

Every now and then, Marvel Studios opts for a riskier venture for their tent-pole pictures.  In some cases, such as Thor, the risk is levied by the Avenger’s Connection.  But sometimes, that connection is much thinner.  Guardians of the Galaxy and now Doctor Strange.… Continue Reading “Something Strange Going On That Wasn’t Here Before (Doctor Strange, 2016)”