Month: July 2020

A Cure for the Summertime Blues? (Summer Rental, 1985)

Summer Rental follows the story of Air Traffic Controller Jack Chester who is forced by his boss to take a vacation. He and his family are set up with a beach side rental.  Jack quickly finds himself at odds with the rich and self… Continue Reading “A Cure for the Summertime Blues? (Summer Rental, 1985)”

Fun In the Summertime (Summer School, 1987)

Rob Reiner was a prolific funny man.  He gave us decades of laughter and joy before his passing this week.  In his memory, I am taking a look at an under-rated… well not classic…but one of those films of his I don’t hear much… Continue Reading “Fun In the Summertime (Summer School, 1987)”

Becoming the Bad Guy (Falling Down, 1993)

Falling Down opens with the intensely shot claustrophobic sequence of Michael Douglas stuck in traffic.  Full of uncomfortable close ups and an auditory assault, the opening sequence puts you centrally in the experience of a man we only know by his license plate… D-Fens.… Continue Reading “Becoming the Bad Guy (Falling Down, 1993)”