Month: October 2018

Unfinished Business (TheProphecy 5: Forsaken, 2005)

Kari Wurher returns as American Allison, who is apparently a grad student, (Wurher is nearly fifty, so…progress?) is the protector of the Lexicon.  The Mysterious Stark has hired Dylan to kill Allison because heaven does not want the new information in the Lexicon to… Continue Reading “Unfinished Business (TheProphecy 5: Forsaken, 2005)”

Get You a Bible (the Prophecy 4: Uprising, 2005)

So, the Prophecy series went dormant. And honestly? I would have been perfectly satisfied with it being a trilogy of films.  But 2005 brought the first of two sequels that were filmed back to back on the cheap. Set in Bucharest, American Allison discovers… Continue Reading “Get You a Bible (the Prophecy 4: Uprising, 2005)”

Teens vs Angels (The Prophecy 3, 2000)

Picking up several years after the second film, Danyael (the son of Jennifer Beal’s character) has grown up an angry young man who has refused to accept his place or that the world is part of something bigger. Life is cold…God is dead…there is… Continue Reading “Teens vs Angels (The Prophecy 3, 2000)”

Babies and Angels (The Prophecy II, 1998)

Gabriel is back…because hell got tired of him.  Really, really tired of him. And so he gets back in league with his fellow rebelling angels. This time they are trying to prevent a union between and Angel and a woman. The resulting child could… Continue Reading “Babies and Angels (The Prophecy II, 1998)”

Monsters and Angels (The Prophecy, 1995)

Thomas Dagget once was on the path to the priesthood, but on the day of his ordination, he had a vision of war and destruction, angel against angel.  This put him on a new path…that of police detective. Meanwhile, Angels are walking the earth… Continue Reading “Monsters and Angels (The Prophecy, 1995)”

The Devil You Know (The Devil’s Advocate, 1997)

Kevin Lomax is a hotshot lawyer in a small Florida town. He has never lost a cost, until it seems, he finds himself unable to defend a school teacher accused of molesting young girls. He manages to undermine and humiliate the accuser and win… Continue Reading “The Devil You Know (The Devil’s Advocate, 1997)”

Overwatch (The Sentinel, 1977)

Model Alison Parker is looking to get a bit of space in her relationship with lawyer Michael. Her apartment search leads to an old building with furnished apartments that affordable. After moving in she starts to have fainting spells while on photo shoots. She… Continue Reading “Overwatch (The Sentinel, 1977)”

Angels With Filthy Souls (Legion, 2010)

So, God has lost faith in humanity and is going to go all “Noah’s Ark” on humanities ass…except there is no plan to save anyone. But one angel, Michael, feels in his heart that God is wrong and decides he must intervene. So, he… Continue Reading “Angels With Filthy Souls (Legion, 2010)”

Wic-Kid (Whisper, 2009)

A group of desperate criminals are hired to kidnap and hold a young boy for ransom. But it turns out that the purpose of the kidnapping is much darker than any of them initially thought. The child starts to reveal himself to be a… Continue Reading “Wic-Kid (Whisper, 2009)”

The Do-Over (The Omen 666, 2006)

Well…someone decided they needed to get a remake out by June 6th, 2006. In a weird twist, screenwriter of the original film returned to write this remake. I call it a weird twist because in a documentary about the original four films, Seltzer did… Continue Reading “The Do-Over (The Omen 666, 2006)”