Wic-Kid (Whisper, 2009)

Whisper_PosterA group of desperate criminals are hired to kidnap and hold a young boy for ransom. But it turns out that the purpose of the kidnapping is much darker than any of them initially thought.

The child starts to reveal himself to be a sinister force as he haunts each of his captors.

Honestly, I do not have a lot to say about the film. It is kind of a standard “scary kid” film…without any particularly interesting twists (okay, save one, when the film reveals the person who paid the kidnappers).

The kid is actually pretty well written and the young actor does a good job being creepy.

It is the cast that stands out the most here.You have Josh Holloway (of Lost), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break and the Walking Dead), Michael Rooker and Joel Edgerton as the kidnappers.  They all deliver.

Whisper is a decently creepy film that does not really add anything special to the Devil Kid genre (I mean, he has a dark furred devil dog!), but it is entertaining.


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