Category: Holidays

The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)

Jesper has lived a life of luxury and privilege. His father has gotten him into the prestigious academy he runs for mail service. In a last and desperate move to teach his son responsibility, he assigns Jesper to a remote island in the arctic… Continue Reading “The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)”

Lovecraftian Re-Lives (The Resurrected, 1991)

The wife of scientist Charles Dexter Ward has hired the private investigator John March ti find out what secret her husband has been hiding.  She knows he has been conducting mysterious experiments at an ancient home he has recently inherited. What they discover is… Continue Reading “Lovecraftian Re-Lives (The Resurrected, 1991)”

Games People Play (Ready or Not, 2019)

Grace is engaged to Alex, a son in the Le Domas gaming, uh, Dominion. Alex is quickly revealed to b very unlike his family.  Kind and rather unhappy with his family’s status as ultra-rich. The family is quirky, save Alex’s mother who seems to… Continue Reading “Games People Play (Ready or Not, 2019)”

Blood On Screen (Kolobos, 1999)

So, in the early 90’s, MTV decided they needed to expand their programming. One of their first greatly successful experiments was an “unscripted show” that put a bunch of young people from all over the country into a single house that would film the… Continue Reading “Blood On Screen (Kolobos, 1999)”

My Favoritest Flicks of 2018

The movies I dug in 2018. Annihilation: A phenomenal feast for the eyes and mind…this quiet and slow burn body horror film drew me in from the first frame. Truly great and imaginative Sci-Fi. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse: Great characters, great story and some… Continue Reading “My Favoritest Flicks of 2018”

The Family Line Part Two (Snow 2: Brain Freeze, 2008)

Nick and Sandy now live in their magic home together…she has big news, but everything keeps getting pushed aside, due to the stress of the impending holiday…after a fight, Nick decided to go somewhere to contemplate his feelings. When he appears in a family’s… Continue Reading “The Family Line Part Two (Snow 2: Brain Freeze, 2008)”

The Family Line Part One (Snow, 2004)

Days before Christmas, a poacher has captured one of Santa’s Reindeer and given it to a zoo.  Santa goes undercover to save his reindeer (and by Christmas).  Santa is part of a lineage that passes from father to son and it is Nick’s first… Continue Reading “The Family Line Part One (Snow, 2004)”

What a Scrooge Part 12 (It’s Christmas, Carol, 2012)

If you thought that this was a movie where a miser named Carol (played by Carrie Fisher) is visited by three ghosts… You are a little off. Carol is a powerful young publishing executive who treats her employees poorly and has favored her career… Continue Reading “What a Scrooge Part 12 (It’s Christmas, Carol, 2012)”

Groundh-er-Christmas Day (the Christmas Do-Over, 2006)

Kevin is in a miserable place. His rock star dreams never panned out. His marriage collapsed, his former in-laws hate him and his son does not yet see what a lousy dad he has. He barely plans for a Christmas gift for his son… Continue Reading “Groundh-er-Christmas Day (the Christmas Do-Over, 2006)”

What a Scrooge Part 11 (Chasing Christmas, 2005)

Jack Cameron is a bitter man.  His marriage went south with his wife cheating on him and it pretty much left him broke and unwilling to move forward in life.  His daughter wants him to get past it and embrace life…or at least…maybe Christmas.… Continue Reading “What a Scrooge Part 11 (Chasing Christmas, 2005)”