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Did Not Plan That

I was not intentionally meaning to fo the entire month of April without a single post. I apologized for that.  I am still playing catch up on films that I missed before the theaters all closed. As someone whose job already allowed me to… Continue Reading “Did Not Plan That”

Colorist Open to Playing Reed Richards in the MCU

Comic Book Colorist Chris Sotomayer is open to Playing Reed Richards in the MCU if asked.

Welcome to October!

Well… the last couple of Months got away from me. It seems every August tends to slip away and my Septembers go silent.  This year I have started trying my hand at selling art and August and September saw me run into some crunch.… Continue Reading “Welcome to October!”

Tripping Further

Welcome to March! I have been contemplating this feature for awhile. Since I see a lot of films on Blu-Ray, streaming and 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray, I plan to review some releases covering not just the film itself, but the full release. I plan… Continue Reading “Tripping Further”

Is it the End of an Era?

We Care A Lot (About Stan Lee)

So, Stan Lee has passed away. For a lot of us that was a bummer, and we all were tweeting and posting about Stan. Then Bill Maher had two step into it and blamed us for Trump.

Special Announcement…

I have been working on this for the past couple of weeks, which is why there has been no new reviews. Tomorrow is the first Essay…a new video each week for the next two and a half months or so…   Music is Cool… Continue Reading “Special Announcement…”

Western Expansion

I apologize for going silent the past week.  Everyone has genres that they kind of get “burnt out” on.  While I enjoy westerns, it is the one genre where I can hit a wall, and need a break.  So I took a bit of… Continue Reading “Western Expansion”

October: The Dead, Martians and Atomic Brains

Welcome to the month of October.  As with every year, it will be scary movies all month.  Themes for this month include the films of George A. Romero and Tobe Hooper. I had started doing a zombie theme for the month, but the death… Continue Reading “October: The Dead, Martians and Atomic Brains”

Ain’t It Cool…No It Ain’t

So, about a year ago, a semi-popular geek movie critic named Devin Faraci was accused of some pretty serious sexual harassment.  He had some deep ties in the Austin Film Community and was a pretty big part of the Alamo Drafthouse.  This stung for… Continue Reading “Ain’t It Cool…No It Ain’t”