Welcome to October!

Well… the last couple of Months got away from me. It seems every August tends to slip away and my Septembers go silent.  This year I have started trying my hand at selling art and August and September saw me run into some crunch. I was at the Crypticon Minneapolis Convention. I had some prints to sell and some original art.

Doug Bradley and Me
Ashley Laurence and I
Caroline Munro, Joshua Kennedy and myself
Insert “Floating” joke here.
Christopher Mihm’s table…

Here is some samples of artwork I had.  There were prints…


some original art…

I am going to GalaxyCon here in Minnesota next month and I am trying to get a few more prints ready to go.

Add to this, Christopher Mihm (a local film maker and friend) cast me in a supporting role in his film that is in Post Production, the Phantom Lake Kids in the Beast Walks Among Us. I am also going to be appearing his film that follows, That Which Lurks in the Dark. If you want a refresher, I went through Chris’ films back in 2017.  I have held back on reviews since I have gotten more interconnected to Mihm’s film making.  I may do some write ups to talk about experiences and feelings on the films, but as Chris is a friend, I want my bias to be clear.

So, what is the plan for October? I probably will not be having quite the same past output as previous Octobers.  But there will be more than one review this month.  One of my themes will be “Less Talked About Gems”. Good little horror films I rarely see talked about.  I also am going to get some reviews of recent films (Ready or Not and Haunt, for example) and a few…non-gems.


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