Month: November 2019

Shine Harder (Doctor Sleep, 2019)

I have not read Doctor Sleep, the follow up to King’s the Shining.  So, when it was announced as a film, I was not particularly excited.  I did not know how they planned to approach it.  As a sequel to the Kubrick film? As… Continue Reading “Shine Harder (Doctor Sleep, 2019)”

Shine On (The Shining, 1980)

The Torrence family is struggling. Jack is trying to stay sober and be a better husband and father, Wendy does not trust her husband and their son Danny seems to be having trouble coping with reality. To this end, Jack, a hopeful author takes… Continue Reading “Shine On (The Shining, 1980)”

Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)

Jojo is a young boy living in Hitler’s Germany.  He aspires to be a great Nazi, to the point that the ten year old’s imaginary best friend is Adolf Hitler. After getting wounded at a Nazi gathering for Hitler Youth, these hopes are dashed.… Continue Reading “Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)”

Whatever Time’s the Charm?? (Terminator Dark Fate, 2019)

Terminator Genisys was intended to kick off an all new trilogy following the exploits of Sarah Conner, Kyle Reese and Pops trying to stop the new version of Skynet. Of course, Terminator Salvation was supposed to kick off a new trilogy following the war… Continue Reading “Whatever Time’s the Charm?? (Terminator Dark Fate, 2019)”