Month: August 2018

Slender Story (Slender Man, 2018)

As social media has become a larger and larger part of our lives, film makers have tried to incorporate this into the horror genre.  Films have tried to tackle both the fears of the Dark Web and supernatural takes on social media usage.  Unfriended… Continue Reading “Slender Story (Slender Man, 2018)”

In the Distance (Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, 2015)

A TV crew is doing a new story on a business that clears out homes that were foreclosed upon by the bank. In one house, they are shocked to find the home looks as if the family just vanished. As they start to investigate,… Continue Reading “In the Distance (Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, 2015)”

Making Memories All Over Again (Overboard, 2018)

I suppose it was inevitable that somebody was going to go and remake Garry Marshall’s beloved Overboard. This time around, they try to counter the creepy factor by switching the roles.  Leonardo is a rich Spanish playboy who has never worked a day in… Continue Reading “Making Memories All Over Again (Overboard, 2018)”

Making Memories (Overboard, 1987)

The self absorbed and rich Joanna hires carpenter Dean Profitt. She is obnoxious and genuinely mean. But after an accident leaves her with amnesia, single parent Dean convinces her they are married and she is the mother to his four boys. Wow. This sounds… Continue Reading “Making Memories (Overboard, 1987)”

Back In Action (The Incredibles 2, 2018)

Right before the film starts, the cast and crew pop up on screen to tell us the fourteen year wait for the sequel will totally be worth it. Not exactly needed of course. Hey, my butt is already in the seat. The original Incredibles… Continue Reading “Back In Action (The Incredibles 2, 2018)”

Back On Your Feet (Life of the Party, 2018)

On the day that they drop off their daughter for her senior year of college, Dan announces to Deanna that he has been cheating on her with another woman and wants a divorce. Broken hearted, Deanna decides to rectify her one big regret in… Continue Reading “Back On Your Feet (Life of the Party, 2018)”

Need a Way Bigger Boat (The Meg, 2018)

A few years ago deep dive rescuer Jonas made a critical decision that cost him his job. Jump ahead to the present and a deep sea exploration team has become trapped deep in the ocean after discovering a hidden world teeming with life…including giant… Continue Reading “Need a Way Bigger Boat (The Meg, 2018)”

Game Addict (Ready Player One, 2018)

In the future, life is so bleak, everyone hangs out in the virtual reality of the Oasis. There, everything is focused around the 80’s pop culture that it’s creator, Halliday was obsessed with. People have video game avatars inspired by various films and they… Continue Reading “Game Addict (Ready Player One, 2018)”

Spy Games (The Spy Who Dumped Me, 2018)

It is Audrey’s birthday and she has not been having a good day. Recently, her boyfriend Drew dumped her via text, and her best friend Morgan is determined to bring her spirits up. When Morgan texts Drew that they are going to burn his… Continue Reading “Spy Games (The Spy Who Dumped Me, 2018)”