Month: January 2018

Your iPhone Is Making You a Zombie (Cell, 2016)

In a lot of ways, Cell is an update of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.  King has replaced the mall full of zombies as the representation of mindless consumption with modern technology.  Specifically Cell phones. Clay Riddell is a graphic novelist who is… Continue Reading “Your iPhone Is Making You a Zombie (Cell, 2016)”

Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)

The Nazi’s are on the march across Europe.  In the French city of Dunkirk, the Allies have been beaten back.  The British and the French are trying to get out before they are overtaken by the Nazi armies. The British are waiting for ships… Continue Reading “Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)”

When It All Goes Wrong (Free Fire, 2016)

Ord and Justine have brokered a black market arms deal with Chris and Frank.  Just as the deal seems done, a beef between two of their henchmen breaks out that results in a shootout.  An hour long shootout. And then things get bad. I… Continue Reading “When It All Goes Wrong (Free Fire, 2016)”

Inner Conflict (The Hidden, 1987)

Detective Tom Beck has a head scratcher of a case.  He is investigating a man who, up until a week prior had been a law abiding citizen.  One day Jack DeVries just up started killing people, stealing cars, robbing banks and listening to heavy… Continue Reading “Inner Conflict (The Hidden, 1987)”

Get Arnold (Killing Gunther, 2017)

SNL Alumni Taran Killam wrote and directed this entry into the fake documentary genre.  Killam plays Blake, a mid-level hitman who aspires to prove himself by taking out the infamous Gunther. Gunther is the hitman all other hitmen both admire and fear. Blake believes… Continue Reading “Get Arnold (Killing Gunther, 2017)”

The Dream…

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”  

Live Fast (Baby Driver, 2017)

Director Edgar Wright is known for his playing with genres, usually via comedy.  He has tackled action films through Hot Fuzz, horror through Shaun of the Dead and Sci-Fi with The World’s End.  He was long attached to Marvel’s Ant Man (going back before… Continue Reading “Live Fast (Baby Driver, 2017)”

Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)

Netflix has been focusing hard on original material over the past few years, especially now as they face the future of no Disney films.  Bright is their first foray into high concept, high budget action fantasy. They brought together notorious Internet personality Max Landis… Continue Reading “Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)”

Out Of Time Part III (Back To the Future Part III, 1990)

“The Future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!” These are the words of wisdom Doc Brown chooses to give Marty after three films bouncing around time. Spoilers occur throughout… Made back to back with Part Two, the third film takes… Continue Reading “Out Of Time Part III (Back To the Future Part III, 1990)”

Out of Time Part II (Back to the Future Part II, 1989)

Spoilers occur throughout…Back to the Future had one of those endings that worked both as a setup for future films, as well as just a cute way to end a time travel movie.  Marty’s life looks awesome and then Doc Brown shows up saying… Continue Reading “Out of Time Part II (Back to the Future Part II, 1989)”