Inner Conflict (The Hidden, 1987)

Hidden_PosterDetective Tom Beck has a head scratcher of a case.  He is investigating a man who, up until a week prior had been a law abiding citizen.  One day Jack DeVries just up started killing people, stealing cars, robbing banks and listening to heavy metal.

After taking the guy down, an FBI Agent named Lloyd Gallagher shows up to work with Beck. Gallagher seems to have other motives, suggesting there is something bigger at work…or at least that having DeVries in the hospital is not the end of the case.

The audience quickly learns the cause of DeVries’ behavior is an alien bug that can move from body to body. When he is in a body, it can withstand a barrage of bullets before having to find a new host.  And this is where the problem lies, Gallagher can only destroy the alien when it is moving between bodies.  His weapon cannot penetrate human flesh.

The two cops try and catch the alien, constantly a step behind.  The film revels in it’s crazy concept, with car chases and bloody gun fights. The evil alien is a selfish and hedonistic teenager.  He takes whatever he wants, and mainly what he wants is money, cars and power.

MacLachlan plays his role completely straight.  He is the awkwardly out of place alien trying to fit in.  There is a touching scene where he meets Beck’s daughter, and she seems to realize there is something different about him.

The Hidden is not a sci-fi classic, but it is a pretty good bit of fun trashy eighties excess.

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