Category: Thriller

Soldiers for Life (VFW, 2020)

When a young woman runs into their VFW with a bag of stolen drugs a group of veterans find themselves have to fight vicious drug addicts hell bent on getting the drugs back. I don’t have a lot to say here.  The main draw… Continue Reading “Soldiers for Life (VFW, 2020)”

Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)

So, the Hunt was meant to be released last year, but after a mass shooting and leaks about plot specific information led to people declaring this movie should not be released, including a condemnation from the impeached President of the United States. And so… Continue Reading “Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)”

The Art of Gaslighting (The Invisible Man, 2020)

When the Tom Cruise update of the Mummy crumbled, so did the planned Dark Universe that Universal was placing hopes on. Instead, Universal penned a deal with low budget horror production studio Blumhouse.  They brought in director Leigh Whannell to make a lower budget… Continue Reading “The Art of Gaslighting (The Invisible Man, 2020)”

My Favorite Films of 2019 (Favorites, 2019)

So, I decided to go with a list of fifteen films on my list of favorite films for the year. I missed Parasite in theaters and so have not yet gotten to see it and I have not seen 1917 since it does not… Continue Reading “My Favorite Films of 2019 (Favorites, 2019)”

Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)

Famous Crime novelist Walter Thrombey is found dead after his birthday party. At first, declared a suicide, famous detective Benoit Blanc arrives and sees possible suspects in every member of his family. Caught up in it all is his nurse Marta who may have… Continue Reading “Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)”

Who Can You Trust? (Goodnight Mommy, 2014)

Lukas and Elias have been waiting for their mother to return to their remote home after some surgery. But when she arrives, face encased in bandages, the twin brothers instantly start to question if their mother has truly returned. What unfolds is a terrifying… Continue Reading “Who Can You Trust? (Goodnight Mommy, 2014)”

The Cruelest Joke (Joker, 2019)

This review is going to focus on the movie itself…the final product.  I will be including a post soon that gets into the controversies.  But most of my issues with the Joker are, in fact, not with the film itself.  They are with the… Continue Reading “The Cruelest Joke (Joker, 2019)”

Apex Predators (Crawl, 2019)

Haley is somewhat estranged from her parents, but when her father is unresponsive to calls from her and her sister in the face of an impending hurricane, she drives into the storm to find him. When she finds him wounded in a crawlspace beneath… Continue Reading “Apex Predators (Crawl, 2019)”

A Superman Only a Mother Could Love (Brightburn, 2019)

A couple that lives in a rural area struggles to conceive a child, but one night, they discover a crashed spaceship containing a baby that they choose to raise as their own. The child is revealed to have great powers. But in spite of… Continue Reading “A Superman Only a Mother Could Love (Brightburn, 2019)”

I Hate Mondays Chapter 3 (John Wick 3: Parabellum, 2019)

John Wick was one of those suprirse franchises.  I went into the first film with low expectations…and had a great time with a basic revenge action film.  I was sure that John Wick Chapter 2 would be the failed follow up and instead it… Continue Reading “I Hate Mondays Chapter 3 (John Wick 3: Parabellum, 2019)”