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At the time when Disney was still experiencing their 2D Renaissance, Tim Burton and Director Henry Selick brought us this stop motion classic. The story follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town (in a world where Holidays all have their own town).  As another Halloween comes to a close, the monsters of Halloween Town celebrate.  But Jack feels like life is missing something…and while wandering through a forest, he discovers… Read More

Disney decided to make the series a Trilogy.  Well, at least until they come up with a Santa Clause 4 or maybe a series reboot with Chris Hemsworth as Scott Calvin.  In this film, we are introduced to Jack Frost, who feels like the most under appreciated of the Legendary Figures.  He schemes to find a way to be famous and sets his site on the throne of Santa Clause. Meanwhile, Mr…. Read More

The Santa Clause 2 takes place about eight to ten years into Scott’s run as Santa Claus.  He is informed that somehow a Clause has been missed.  The Mrs. Clause.  Scott needs to find a wife before Christmas.  And to top it off, his teen son Charlie is on the naughty list. Scott, Bernard and Curtis (the elf who discovered the missed rule) work to deceive the rest of the elves by… Read More

At the height of Tim Allen’s power, he was tapped by Disney for this family comedy.  Surprisingly, it is not simply a transplant of the Tim Taylor character into a movie.  Scott Calvin is, in fact, a very effective toy executive.  But as a father, he is not so successful.  When his ex-wife and her husband drop Scott’s son Charlie off for Christmas Eve, Charlie asks if he has to stay.  Scott… Read More

Taking it’s plot from about two sentences of Star Wars: A New Hopes Opening Scrawl, this Star Wars Story focuses on the Rebels who got the Death Star plans carried by R2-D2.  Focusing on Jyn Erso, daughter of a brilliant engineer, Rogue One follows her forced recruitment by the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to get the information.  Along with her father, Erso has another connection the Alliance wants to take advantage… Read More

EC was the controversial publisher of crime and horror comics in the 1950’s.  The comics code kind of killed them.  Funny enough, the EC Comics stories were very “moral”.  Each story involved people doing evil and getting their comeuppance.  In 1972 there was a film based on the comics, adapting the stories.  And All Through the House was included in the  anthology…it was a very serious affair with Joan Collins.  It is… Read More

Tales from the Darkside was a creation of George Romero.  It ran for four seasons, with each episode being half an hour.  It was a more horror themed take on the Twilight Zone. The episode Seasons of Belief is about a family in which the kids express no Christmas spirit.  They are upset that they cannot watch TV on Christmas Eve.  They are bored, speak ill of Santa and so on.  The… Read More

Of all the movies I have watched for this series, this Finnish production is the best of the lot.  It is a terrific and creative movie.  In the Korvatunturi Mountains two young boys spy on an excavation mission to locate the grave of Santa Claus.  Pietari is  concerned by this, as he still believes in Santa Claus.  But he finds books in the attic telling the truth about Santa Claus.  Santa and… Read More

Sint (known as Saint here in the United States) is a contribution from the Netherlands.  In this horror film, Saint Nick was not such a nice guy.  He was a disgraced Bishop who would lead his followers to slaughter and pillage villages.  The people seek revenge and kill Saint Nick and his band of ruffians…but this causes a curse.  The film jumps up to 1968 and a family relaxing on December 5th…. Read More

There are two memorable things about the movie Elves.  It is about little Nazi monsters that are an experiment to create racial purity that seek to mate with some teen girls.  Ew.  It also stars Grizzly Adams himself, Dan Haggerty.  Haggerty died back in January of 2016…and thankfully was able to bury this with 29 acting credits.  Because I have seen Axe Giant: The wrath of Paul Bunyan and as terrible as… Read More