Love of Santa Clause Pt 2 (The Santa Clause 2, 2002)

santa_clause_2_posterThe Santa Clause 2 takes place about eight to ten years into Scott’s run as Santa Claus.  He is informed that somehow a Clause has been missed.  The Mrs. Clause.  Scott needs to find a wife before Christmas.  And to top it off, his teen son Charlie is on the naughty list.

Scott, Bernard and Curtis (the elf who discovered the missed rule) work to deceive the rest of the elves by creating a fake Santa (who is made of plastic) to run the show while Scott goes to find a wife and check on Charlie.  Charlie has made the bad list because he is rebelling against his Principal who does not like Christmas.  Astute watchers of comedy movies will realize that high jinks with follow.  Charlie becomes upset when Scott falls for his Principal.  Scott is really just upset that he has had to keep the secret of Santa for years.  But he does have a little sister now, who is the film’s doorway to “The Belief of Children”.

The film has a few repeat messages.  In the first film, a big deal is made of when the adults stopped believing in Santa, and this film carries that through again.  At a Christmas party for the teachers, Scott impresses Carol by providing all the teachers with gifts-vintage toys they all wanted or loved as kids.

For the Elves, the plans backfire as Fake Santa becomes obsessed with the rules and takes over under the notion that all kids are naughty and should not be cut any slack.  He creates an army of giant tin soldiers and locks up Bernard and the other elves, while Curtis flies to get Scott’s help.

The film has some rather large plot holes.  Specifically, the whole premise of the Mrs. Clause.  Afterall, Scott is not the first Santa.  Have none of the other previous Santas taken wives?  Have they simply stopped being Santa before the issue came up?  If they did have Mrs. Clauses, what happened to those wives when the new Santa came along?

This is not to say that the film is not fun.  They expand on the Santa world mythology, introducing the other Legendary figures… Mother Nature, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, Father Time, Cupid and a scene stealing Tooth Fairy.  They cast character actor Art LaFleur, who is a pretty imposing size, but with small and dainty wings.

The film also is not burdened with explaining all the laws of Santa (only really adding the Mrs. Clause).  And there is a certain fun in Wendy and Neil being in on the secret that Scott is Santa.  For one, it makes them far more likable.

Overall, this is a fun film, though not quite as strong as it’s predecessor.  I however, give them credit for coming up with a story idea that is not a total rehash of the original.  Of course, it also relies on the issue of keeping the Santa identity a secret all over again.  But as a fun holiday diversion, the Santa Clause 2 if certainly still a fun way to pass the time.


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