Month: March 2020

Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)

Adam Sandler plays Howard, a man with a once thriving business as a jeweler whose gambling addiction has brought his life to a stressful ruin.  When he acquires a gem worth millions, that he plans to auction off, life spirals even farther out of… Continue Reading “Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)”

Gender War (Hustlers, 2019)

Destiny is working in a strip club trying to make money.  She is taken under the wing of the superstar of the club, Ramona, they start to hatch a plan to increase their incomes by conning their wall street clients.  They build up a… Continue Reading “Gender War (Hustlers, 2019)”

Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)

So, the Hunt was meant to be released last year, but after a mass shooting and leaks about plot specific information led to people declaring this movie should not be released, including a condemnation from the impeached President of the United States. And so… Continue Reading “Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)”

Colorist Open to Playing Reed Richards in the MCU

Comic Book Colorist Chris Sotomayer is open to Playing Reed Richards in the MCU if asked.

Sally Forth! (Onward, 2020)

It is Ian Lightfoot’s 16th birthday. Shy and reserved, he really has no friends and has always felt like his life was missing something very specific.  His dad.  When his mother was pregnant, Ian’s father died.  Sixteen years later the family has rebuilt itself… Continue Reading “Sally Forth! (Onward, 2020)”

Poisoned Earth pt 4 (The Color Out of Space, 2020)

Richard Stanley has returned after nearly a 20 year absence from theatrical filmmaking. And I must say, it is a welcome return. Using a modern setting, Stanley and writer Scarlett Amaris stick closely to the source material.  The meteorite falls near their home and… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 4 (The Color Out of Space, 2020)”

Poisoned Earth pt 3 (The Color Out of Space, 2010)

A young man goes to a small town in Germany in a search for his father.  His search for the truth leads to the discovery of a meteorite that landed years before and corrupted the land. This is mostly a german language film made… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 3 (The Color Out of Space, 2010)”

Poisoned Earth pt 2 (the Curse, 1987)

This adaption of the Color of Space picks up at the time the meteorite crashes.  Going back to a small farm setting the focus is on the struggling Crane family.  The local realtor is working on a secretive deal to get people to sell… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 2 (the Curse, 1987)”

Poisoned Earth pt 1 (Die, Monster, Die!, 1965)

Lovecraft is a writer that, in spite of his personal failings (you know…racism), inspires creative people. His stories are creepy cosmic and occult based horror. Die, Monster, Die! adapts the memorable the Color Out of Space. Stephen Reinhart has been requested by his girlfriend… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 1 (Die, Monster, Die!, 1965)”

World Washed Away (The Last Wave, 1977)

When five Indigenous men in Sydney are accused of murder, a lawyer (with no experience in murder defenses) is called on to provide their defense.  But instead, he finds he may have always been a part of something larger. Haunted by nightmares and visions,… Continue Reading “World Washed Away (The Last Wave, 1977)”