Gender War (Hustlers, 2019)

Hustlers_PosterDestiny is working in a strip club trying to make money.  She is taken under the wing of the superstar of the club, Ramona, they start to hatch a plan to increase their incomes by conning their wall street clients.  They build up a side business where the women set up private parties where they use drugs, alcohol and the promise of sex to get access to their client’s credit cards and bank accounts, spending exorbitant of the client’s money…and using humiliation to keep the men silent.

Inspired by a true story, Hustlers is a dark tale. Early on, it placates you into feeling like “okay, these guys deserve it”, but as the film plays out, we find ourselves and Destiny becoming increasingly concerned with the dangers and ethics of what they are doing.  This all starts to drive a wedge between Destiny and Ramona’s relationship.

Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez deliver great performances.  Director Lorene Scafaria uses a peircing neon color scheme that has the result of giving everything an incredibly surreal feel.

Hustlers is a great film that deserved a lot more recognition. Very recommended.

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