Month: December 2019

The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)

Jesper has lived a life of luxury and privilege. His father has gotten him into the prestigious academy he runs for mail service. In a last and desperate move to teach his son responsibility, he assigns Jesper to a remote island in the arctic… Continue Reading “The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)”

Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)

Famous Crime novelist Walter Thrombey is found dead after his birthday party. At first, declared a suicide, famous detective Benoit Blanc arrives and sees possible suspects in every member of his family. Caught up in it all is his nurse Marta who may have… Continue Reading “Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)”

It’s Not Just a Jungle Out There (Jumanji: The Next Level, 2019)

Alex, Martha, Fridge and Bethany have all moved forward in life, but college life has been disappointing for Alex and he has become distant from the others. When everyone returns home for Christmas, Alex decides maybe what he really needs is to recapture the… Continue Reading “It’s Not Just a Jungle Out There (Jumanji: The Next Level, 2019)”

Slash the Patriarchy (Black Christmas, 2019)

Welcome to Christmas time at Hawthorne College. As people are getting ready to leave for break, sorority girls are disappearing. Riley is in her senior year and trying to still come to terms with being raped by a popular frat boy years earlier. She… Continue Reading “Slash the Patriarchy (Black Christmas, 2019)”