Month: May 2017

The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 4 (Alien Resurrection, 1997)

In spite of a lukewarm reception to the third film, the studio wanted to take another try at the Alien Franchise.  Although they managed to pump this one out in just three years, it is a bigger mess than the last one. This film… Continue Reading “The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 4 (Alien Resurrection, 1997)”

The Hunter or the Hunted, Pt 3 (Alien 3, 1992)

The success of Aliens had the studio rushing to try and get an Alien 3 going.  There were a lot of false starts and bad ideas that led to what we got.  Good scripts got tossed aside for weird ideas.  There were questions on… Continue Reading “The Hunter or the Hunted, Pt 3 (Alien 3, 1992)”

The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 2 (Aliens, 1986)

About seven years after Alien, hotshot director James Cameron brought the franchise roaring back to life.  Rather than make a generic sequel, Cameron made a bold choice.  The first film was a haunted house movie, Cameron opted to make a war movie. Ripley is… Continue Reading “The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 2 (Aliens, 1986)”

The Hunter or The Hunted? Pt 1 (Alien, 1979)

Alien begins rather quietly.  We see the interiors of a ship that is floating through space.  It comes to life and we meet a crew…space truckers, so to speak.  We do not know much about what they are hauling, though it does not matter… Continue Reading “The Hunter or The Hunted? Pt 1 (Alien, 1979)”

Wedding Crashing (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, 2016)

Mike and Dave are brothers who party hard…so hard that their family is frustrated at how they ruin every even.  To be allowed at their sister’s wedding, they are required to bring respectable dates.  Mike and Dave get the idea to go on TV… Continue Reading “Wedding Crashing (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, 2016)”

The Gift of Music (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, 2016)

I confess, for several years I was pretty lukewarm on Andy Samberg.  I recall not finding Hot Rod all that funny.  Over the years, I have been convinced I was wrong about Samberg.  Especially with his hilarious performance as Detective Jake Peralta on Brooklyn… Continue Reading “The Gift of Music (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, 2016)”

The Mother Daughter Bond (Snatched, 2017)

When I first saw announcements for the Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn vehicle Snatched…I cringed.  Kidnapping for laughs is kind of a weird one.  And one that has been pretty done to death.  Kidnapping for comedy films are, of course, very divorced from the… Continue Reading “The Mother Daughter Bond (Snatched, 2017)”

Why Ask Why? (Why Him, 2016)

Written and Directed by Josh Hamburg (most notably the writer of all three Meet the Parents films) addresses a discussion a friend and I were having recently.  We were talking about films having familiar plots.  My take on this is that I do not… Continue Reading “Why Ask Why? (Why Him, 2016)”

Father-Son Bonding (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, 2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy was a bit of a risk for Marvel Studios.  It was really their first film that had little name recognition.  It also was their first film not closely tied to the Avengers.  And yet, under the guidance of James Gunn,… Continue Reading “Father-Son Bonding (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, 2017)”