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Monthly Archives: July 2015

There seems to be a lot of surprise over the fact that the new vehicle from Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow, Trainwreck, totally favors monogamy. But is this that shocking?  Should conservative and liberal critics be shocked that a Hollywood film favors monogamy over commitment to one night stands?  The liberal contingency has given more of a tired sigh over yet another Apatow film favoring “conservative mores” while Conservatives seem pleased. Honestly, I have… Read More

The X-Men films started off strongly (X-Men was decent, X2 was very strong) faltered in the middle (X3 and X-Men Origins Wolverine were big stumbles),  X-Men:First Class started the films back to a solid footing that X-Men: Days of Future Past continued with.  The Setting in the past helped give the films a sense of purpose.  And as they go into the 80’s with the X-Men: Apocalypse, introducing Apocalypse makes a lot… Read More

So San Diego Comic Con saw the release of a new trailer for next year’s Batman vs Superman and… Well, I am a little more hopeful…but not yet excited. The trailer is unclear if Batman has been active for years or if he retired, though there seems to be indications he is returning to his cowl. While I am a bit bummed that we will not have an established friendship, they are… Read More

Pixels is a mash of Ghostbusters and Adam Sandler’s Nostalgia machine with a lot of likeable actors supporting Sandler and James based on a clever 2:34 minute short film by Patrick Jean from 2010. The short explanation of the film is that in 1982 the U.S. government sent out a tie capsule into space, aliens with VCR technology thought we were declaring war and attack us with video games from 1982 (or… Read More

Derek Lee & Clif Prowse wrote and directed in this film where they play two friends named Derek and Clif.  They are buddies who are going to travel the world and blog about it, posting regular videos and taking suggestions from the blog readers. Derek has personal reasons for going on this trip beyond it being fun, he is trying to live his life with gusto as he looks to an uncertain… Read More

Sometimes when watching a show or movie at home, I will look people up on the IMDB.  One of my curiosities is to look up actors and actresses in the lead roles who are supposed to be a couple in the film and show and see what kind of age difference there is.  Often, the age difference is pretty large.  Only in the last few years have I recalled seeing pairings of… Read More

Jeet Heer has made a rather thoughtful piece on the “grown up-ness” of Super-hero films.  This is not an entirely new phenomenon, after all, the Burton Batman films faced criticism of being to scary.  But yet, the family friendly super-hero film does seem to be progressively scarce. While Marvel seems hit or miss, some films being lighter than others, DC seems to be making films aimed squarely at the Frank Miller and… Read More

Starry Eyes is the story of Sarah (Alex Essoe), an aspiring actress.  One day she answers a casting call for a film.  What follows is a bizarre tale of the lengths people will go to succeed. As she is called back for repeatedly stranger auditions, she starts to unravel ever so slightly.  But when she is asked to meet the Producer (Louis Dezseran) her life is forever changed.  Telling her to kill… Read More

So, Eli Roth wanted to sock it to Social Justice Warriors with his new flick the Green Inferno.  He claims the kids in the film represent SJW, whom he characterizes as not actually doing anything other than re-tweeting “this is wrong” or posting memes on Facebook. This is not an uncommon accusation… SJW are usually lumped in with “Hash Tag Activism”.  The problem is, this criticism is oddly over confident.  It presumes… Read More

I really have no idea what this means.  I mean, first…the reverse sexism?  I am pretty sure men dominate movies still.  Most films are still about men.  Not really seeing reverse sexism. And since when was “flashy” a typically “masculine” term?  And what exactly are they saying when they talk about how all the roles going to Aussies and Brits?  I really feel like this is one of those silly controversies we… Read More