Month: October 2017

Haunted People Chapter 3 (Insidious Chapter 3, 2015)

James Wan has seen himself become increasingly in demand.  His regular collaborator is Leigh Whannell (who plays Specs in the series).  Whannell is the writer behind Wan’s Saw and the previous two Insidious films.  Adding the duty of first time director can be a… Continue Reading “Haunted People Chapter 3 (Insidious Chapter 3, 2015)”

Haunted People Chapter 2 (Insidious Chapter 2, 2013)

In the first film, it was established that part of what made young Dalton such an easy target was that his father had a similar experience with the same spirit as a boy.  Opening in the first film’s tragic aftermath, Insidious Chapter 2 jumps… Continue Reading “Haunted People Chapter 2 (Insidious Chapter 2, 2013)”

Haunted People Chapter One (Insidious, 2010)

Director James Wan made his name in horror with Saw, which launched a thousand torture themed horror films, though often made by less skilled people.  But in 2009, Wan found himself creating a more unique form of horror.  He accomplished this be exploring an… Continue Reading “Haunted People Chapter One (Insidious, 2010)”

Day the World Ended (Demon With the Atomic Brain, 2017)

Christopher R. Mihm’s latest film presents the possible end of the Mihmiverse.  A specially built computer has caused a rift in time and space that is threatening to destroy everything.  A team of military and specialists come together to try and stop it. What… Continue Reading “Day the World Ended (Demon With the Atomic Brain, 2017)”

Monkey Paws (Wish Upon, 2017)

Trying to cope with the suicide of her mother, Clare and her father are just getting by.  Clare has few friends and is bullied in school.  Her father gives her an ornate box as a gift.  It turns out to be a supernatural force… Continue Reading “Monkey Paws (Wish Upon, 2017)”

Little Lake of Horrors (The Monster of Phantom Lake, the Musical!, 2016)

You know…if they were truly dedicated to authenticity, they would have painted everything and everyone in black and white. But still…the story follows closely the film.  Scientists and teens encounter an angry swamp monster.  A swamp thing, if you will. With Music and Lyrics… Continue Reading “Little Lake of Horrors (The Monster of Phantom Lake, the Musical!, 2016)”

The Puzzle (Jigsaw, 2017)

Can I be really honest?  I should have seen the twist in this film coming from a mile away.  Should have.  Didn’t, but having seen all the films?  Should have.  But didn’t. Anyways, the film starts with a police chase. They are chasing two… Continue Reading “The Puzzle (Jigsaw, 2017)”

Deadly Dolly Begin Again (Annabelle: Creation, 2017)

When they announced Annabelle: Creation, I really thought it was a complete start over, ignoring the previously released film which was…not as successful.  Since Annabelle was a prequel to the Conjuring (of a sorts) I had not expected a prequel to the prequel.  But… Continue Reading “Deadly Dolly Begin Again (Annabelle: Creation, 2017)”

Bucket of Blood (Weresquito: Nazi Hunter, 2016)

During World War II Cpl. John Baker is captured and experimented on by the deviant Nazi scientist Schramm.  He was saved by the Allied forces, but he is forever changed.  When he sees blood, he is transformed into the human-mosquito, or rather the Weresquito. … Continue Reading “Bucket of Blood (Weresquito: Nazi Hunter, 2016)”

Deadly Dolly (Annabelle, 2014)

Annabelle was a creepy doll introduced in James Wan’s the Conjuring. Based on a case file from Ed and Lorraine Warren, Annabelle is a doll possessed of a demon.  The Warrens have her locked in a glass case to this day.  Now, the film… Continue Reading “Deadly Dolly (Annabelle, 2014)”