Deadly Dolly (Annabelle, 2014)

Annabelle_PosterAnnabelle was a creepy doll introduced in James Wan’s the Conjuring. Based on a case file from Ed and Lorraine Warren, Annabelle is a doll possessed of a demon.  The Warrens have her locked in a glass case to this day.  Now, the film made some changes.  The real Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll.  Wan opted for an old fashioned hand made porcelain doll look, and it is very, very creepy.

The doll proved popular with audiences and the producers decided to move forward with an “origin” story for Annabelle. Mia and John are expectant parents. John surprises Mia with the Annabelle doll, a doll she has been looking for for a long time.

One night they face a home invasion by satanists.  In a violent confrontation, both invaders are killed.  Soon, there are mysterious happenings and new mother Mia finds herself having frightening visions. John gets rid of the doll right before they move, but when unpacking in the new apartment, they find Annabelle in a box.

With help from both their local priest and  a psychic, the couple try and rid themselves of the doll and it’s demon. The film lacks Wan’s touch, and while the Annabelle doll looks as creepy as ever, the stakes never feel all that high.  This is in spite of the fact that we are dealing with evil trying to tear apart a family.  Without the anchors of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the film feels lost.

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