Galaxy Express (Danny Johnson Saves the World, 2015)

Mihm_Danny_Johnson_CoverChristopher R. Mihm often has a specific influence for a film.  For Danny Johnson Saves the World, he was focused on creating a family adventure.  It is the tale of young Danny Johnson (we’ve seen Danny in prior Mihmiverse films) who is playing a game of “hide and seek” with his friends when they run smack dab into an alien invasion of…puppets.  Danny has to save his friends and little sister from the diabolical Alien Queen (and her imbecilic King).  He is helped by an alien defector named Steve.

Danny Johnson Saves the World has a flashback framing device that is reminiscent of the Princess Bride and a Christmas Story as aged Danny Johnson (played by James Norgard) is telling his grandchildren a story as they wait for the Christmas Meal.

The film is a lot of fun and achieves its goal as a family film. There are action and monsters, but nothing too intense for younger viewers.  The effects have that look of a 50’s family sci-fi with a neat looking robot villain and a monster called Meat (it looks like something from Dungeons and Dragons) that features more classic stop-motion animation like we saw in the Late Night Double Feature.


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