Category: Drama

Becoming the Bad Guy (Falling Down, 1993)

Falling Down opens with the intensely shot claustrophobic sequence of Michael Douglas stuck in traffic.  Full of uncomfortable close ups and an auditory assault, the opening sequence puts you centrally in the experience of a man we only know by his license plate… D-Fens.… Continue Reading “Becoming the Bad Guy (Falling Down, 1993)”

The Family That Wrestles Together (Fighting With My Family, 2019)

Fighting With My Family is the story of wrestler Paige.  Coming from a lower class family obsessed with wrestling, Zayara and Zak dream of the big time wrestling.  When they try out for WWE, only Zayara is selected, crushing her brother.  But when she… Continue Reading “The Family That Wrestles Together (Fighting With My Family, 2019)”

Poison in the Well (Dark Waters, 2019)

Frankly, companies do not care about you. Amazon does not care about you.  And chemical companies really do not care about you.  And Dark Waters is about the fight to not just expose this to the world, but to hold polluters accountable for the… Continue Reading “Poison in the Well (Dark Waters, 2019)”

Hot News (Bombshell, 2019)

Bombshell is the dramatic recounting of the harassment scandal surrounding Fox News top guy Roger Ailes in 2016. Focusing on a wide eyed new Fox News employee Kayla Pospisil. An ambitious Conservative Christian, she finds her reality challenged as she starts to rise through… Continue Reading “Hot News (Bombshell, 2019)”

Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)

Adam Sandler plays Howard, a man with a once thriving business as a jeweler whose gambling addiction has brought his life to a stressful ruin.  When he acquires a gem worth millions, that he plans to auction off, life spirals even farther out of… Continue Reading “Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)”

Gender War (Hustlers, 2019)

Destiny is working in a strip club trying to make money.  She is taken under the wing of the superstar of the club, Ramona, they start to hatch a plan to increase their incomes by conning their wall street clients.  They build up a… Continue Reading “Gender War (Hustlers, 2019)”

Sally Forth! (Onward, 2020)

It is Ian Lightfoot’s 16th birthday. Shy and reserved, he really has no friends and has always felt like his life was missing something very specific.  His dad.  When his mother was pregnant, Ian’s father died.  Sixteen years later the family has rebuilt itself… Continue Reading “Sally Forth! (Onward, 2020)”

World Washed Away (The Last Wave, 1977)

When five Indigenous men in Sydney are accused of murder, a lawyer (with no experience in murder defenses) is called on to provide their defense.  But instead, he finds he may have always been a part of something larger. Haunted by nightmares and visions,… Continue Reading “World Washed Away (The Last Wave, 1977)”

The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)

Parasite opens with a family struggling to find access to someone’s wi-fi so they can use their phones. Comical and relatable it is also clear the Kim Family are constantly trying to find ways to make money and cut costs. When a friend of… Continue Reading “The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)”

Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)

I confess…the subject of the film is not close to my heart. Cars are a utilitarian tool for me. So, I confess, the trailers did not excite me much. Damon and Bale are pretty proven variables…and Mangold has shown himself to be a skilled… Continue Reading “Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)”