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The Continuous Horror of War (1917, 2019)

Honestly, the trailers for 1917 did not really grab me. War movies are not something I tend to get excited for. But then, I saw all the talk from people whose opinions I trust that it is a must see film, and more importantly… Continue Reading “The Continuous Horror of War (1917, 2019)”

Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)

Jojo is a young boy living in Hitler’s Germany.  He aspires to be a great Nazi, to the point that the ten year old’s imaginary best friend is Adolf Hitler. After getting wounded at a Nazi gathering for Hitler Youth, these hopes are dashed.… Continue Reading “Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)”

Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)

The Nazi’s are on the march across Europe.  In the French city of Dunkirk, the Allies have been beaten back.  The British and the French are trying to get out before they are overtaken by the Nazi armies. The British are waiting for ships… Continue Reading “Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)”

Stress (Land of Mine, 2015)

Set in Denmark after World War II, the Danish Government realizes their beaches are covered in deadly landmines.  Rather than risk their own people, they choose to use the German POWs that are so despised. The film introduces us to Sergeant Carl Rasmussen as… Continue Reading “Stress (Land of Mine, 2015)”