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A Wrench In Time (The Terminator, 1984)

In 1984, James Cameron was a genre vet, but not quite the guy we think of.  He had no mega-hits…yet. Cameron came up out of the Corman school and made his names with technical and special effects….especially stretching the low budget effects. His one… Continue Reading “A Wrench In Time (The Terminator, 1984)”

Open House Pt 5 (House: the Collection)

For a long time, it was hard to come by the films in this set, outside of the first two which were more well known. Until Arrow came along, a complete blu-ray set seemed an unlikely scenario. Each disc comes in its own case… Continue Reading “Open House Pt 5 (House: the Collection)”

Open House pt 4 (House IV: The Repossession, 1992)

After the massive departure with the Horror Show (including abandoning the “House III”) Sean S. Cunningham worked with a new team to bring out House 4. This film is an attempt to return to something closer to the first two films.  This film features… Continue Reading “Open House pt 4 (House IV: The Repossession, 1992)”

Open House pt 3 (House III: The Horror Show, 1989)

After the failure of House II and the collapse of New World pictures, the franchise took a bit of time off.  When Sean S. Cunningham found new studio for funding, the new team wanted to give the franchise a fresh start. So in America,… Continue Reading “Open House pt 3 (House III: The Horror Show, 1989)”

Open House Pt 2 (House II: the Second Story, 1986)

Jesse has inherited his ancestral home and finds himself drawn to the history of the structure.  His girlfriend works for a sleazy music executive and so his friend Charlie arrives with his girlfriend, the singer in a band to try and get her career… Continue Reading “Open House Pt 2 (House II: the Second Story, 1986)”

Open House pt 1 (House, 1985)

So, in the early 80’s Sean S. Cunningham was working on expanding on his success with the Friday the 13th franchise. Teaming up with Fred Dekker (screenwriter and director of Night of the Creeps and the Monster Squad) and Ethan Wiley to make a… Continue Reading “Open House pt 1 (House, 1985)”

Poisoned Earth pt 4 (The Color Out of Space, 2020)

Richard Stanley has returned after nearly a 20 year absence from theatrical filmmaking. And I must say, it is a welcome return. Using a modern setting, Stanley and writer Scarlett Amaris stick closely to the source material.  The meteorite falls near their home and… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 4 (The Color Out of Space, 2020)”

Poisoned Earth pt 3 (The Color Out of Space, 2010)

A young man goes to a small town in Germany in a search for his father.  His search for the truth leads to the discovery of a meteorite that landed years before and corrupted the land. This is mostly a german language film made… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 3 (The Color Out of Space, 2010)”

Poisoned Earth pt 2 (the Curse, 1987)

This adaption of the Color of Space picks up at the time the meteorite crashes.  Going back to a small farm setting the focus is on the struggling Crane family.  The local realtor is working on a secretive deal to get people to sell… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 2 (the Curse, 1987)”

Poisoned Earth pt 1 (Die, Monster, Die!, 1965)

Lovecraft is a writer that, in spite of his personal failings (you know…racism), inspires creative people. His stories are creepy cosmic and occult based horror. Die, Monster, Die! adapts the memorable the Color Out of Space. Stephen Reinhart has been requested by his girlfriend… Continue Reading “Poisoned Earth pt 1 (Die, Monster, Die!, 1965)”