Category: Satire

Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)

So, the Hunt was meant to be released last year, but after a mass shooting and leaks about plot specific information led to people declaring this movie should not be released, including a condemnation from the impeached President of the United States. And so… Continue Reading “Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)”

The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)

Parasite opens with a family struggling to find access to someone’s wi-fi so they can use their phones. Comical and relatable it is also clear the Kim Family are constantly trying to find ways to make money and cut costs. When a friend of… Continue Reading “The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)”

Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)

Jojo is a young boy living in Hitler’s Germany.  He aspires to be a great Nazi, to the point that the ten year old’s imaginary best friend is Adolf Hitler. After getting wounded at a Nazi gathering for Hitler Youth, these hopes are dashed.… Continue Reading “Friendship is Magic (Jojo Dancer, 2019)”

Trapped In a Fantasy (Isn’t It Romantic, 2019)

Rom Coms are an often maligned genre. Much like Horror, if a Rom Com is done well, people try and argue it is not really a Rom Com. This is a lot to do with the fact that Rom Coms have a pretty solid… Continue Reading “Trapped In a Fantasy (Isn’t It Romantic, 2019)”

UnderkKkover Brother (BlacKkKlansman, 2018)

According to Jordan Peele, it took a bit of work to convince Spike Lee to take on the role of director for this film. Well, not to much… He sent Lee a copy of the memoir of Ron Stallworth, the Black Klansman. It really… Continue Reading “UnderkKkover Brother (BlacKkKlansman, 2018)”