Month: January 2016

Unbearable Whiteness of Being

So, the Brits are making a weird post 9/11 road trip movie following the apparently true tale of Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor going on a road trip after…well, 9/11.  I suppose it is ripe for a comedic take. But the main… Continue Reading “Unbearable Whiteness of Being”

Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Revenant, 2015)

Revenant: Definition one, a person who returns.  Definition two, a person who returns as a spirit or ghost.  The film works on both those levels.  Going in, based on early word and promotions, this may have struck you as a revenge movie with Leonardo… Continue Reading “Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Revenant, 2015)”

Odd Pairings

On a recent episode of the Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore discussed the #OscarsSoWhite issue with his panel.  It was a brief discussion, but Wilmore made an observation that did not fully work for me.  He asked if black performers are getting offered the… Continue Reading “Odd Pairings”

Being the Alien (The Martian, 2015)

For being a comedy, (thanks People’s Choice Awards) The Martian feels pretty serious. That does not mean it is devoid of humor.  Really, most any solid drama with have humor to break tension.  And considering the situation Mark Watley (Matt Damon) finds himself in?… Continue Reading “Being the Alien (The Martian, 2015)”

Green Flashes

I had not paid attention to this before…but I realized this week, some of the same people that gave us the Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern brought us Arrow, Flash, Supergirl.  This includes Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim.  And I have to say, in some… Continue Reading “Green Flashes”

Suicidal Glee

Folks are talking about the new Suicide Squad Posters…and drawing comparisons to the Superman V Batman posters. Here is the new trailer: Uh…and here is the most recent Batman v Superman: Notice anything?  Like the posters?  The trailer for the Suicide Squad suggest an… Continue Reading “Suicidal Glee”

Early Reports of Death

The early reports from folks who have seen Deadpool are coming in, and they are quite positive.  Deadpool is a film that exists predominantly due to the fact that fans (and that includes Ryan Reynolds) want it really bad, like really bad. And yet,… Continue Reading “Early Reports of Death”

Favorite Films of 2015

There are a lot of movies I have not seen.  So bear that in mind.  If you are wondering why the Room is not on this list?  It is cause I have not seen it. Mad Max: Fury Road Biggest surprise of this year… Continue Reading “Favorite Films of 2015”