Month: August 2016

It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Green Lantern, 2011)

Two years before the Man of Steel, Warner Brothers had an opportunity to start building their cinematic universe.  In simple ways, they could have started building.  Hints of a bigger universe…start introducing characters who could cross the films.  I have talked about the missed… Continue Reading “It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Green Lantern, 2011)”

I Watches the Watchmen (Watchmen, 2009)

Honestly, I was feeling slightly hesitant bout seeing this film.  For one, the mini-series has a longstanding reputation as being “UN-filmable”due to it’s dense and complex structure.  Certain “commentators” and critics had me wondering if I was about to see a movie that was… Continue Reading “I Watches the Watchmen (Watchmen, 2009)”

You’re Super, Supergirl (Supergirl, 1984)

Warner Brothers was seeking to expand the Superman franchise.  Bringing on the director of Jaws 2 (Jeannot Szwarc) and the writer of the Dark Crystal and the Masters of the Universe (David Odell) to craft a tale of the Maid of Might. The movie… Continue Reading “You’re Super, Supergirl (Supergirl, 1984)”

Rage Against the Machine (The Dark Knight Rises,2012)

It was becoming clear that Nolan was planning to form a trilogy.  The Dark Knight ended with Batman on the run, taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s death.  It suggested Batman would be hiding in the shadows in his fight against crime. There were… Continue Reading “Rage Against the Machine (The Dark Knight Rises,2012)”

It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight (the Dark Knight, 2008)

The recasting of Rachel Dawes with Maggie Gyllenhaal might have been the biggest casting controversy if not for the announcement of Heath Ledger as the Joker.  Oh, the internet exploded.  And then the movie came out and made a lot of people eat crow. … Continue Reading “It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight (the Dark Knight, 2008)”

When I Was a Kid (Batman Begins, 2005)

It took until 2005 for Batman to return to the big screen.  From the start, we knew this was going to be a more serious take on the character than the previous films.  They were starting over and taking their inspiration from Batman: Year… Continue Reading “When I Was a Kid (Batman Begins, 2005)”

Gotham Crumbles (Batman & Robin, 1997)

Remember how I said Schumacher hoped to make Batman Year one by giving the studio what they wanted?  Well, Batman Forever was actually a hit.  It made a ton of money.  And guess what the studio wanted?  If you said, “A gritty look at… Continue Reading “Gotham Crumbles (Batman & Robin, 1997)”

Batman Will Go On (Batman Forever, 1995)

Batman Forever had some big shakeups.  Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were out.  Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer were in.  But the real shakeup was…Warner Brothers wanted to sell more toys.  Schumacher had read Batman: Year One.  He really wanted to tell that story. … Continue Reading “Batman Will Go On (Batman Forever, 1995)”

Mary Jane Watson May Have a Tan

So, Nerd Rage is beginning for the upcoming Spider-Man movie.  Why? Well, it appears that a character known for her model level good looks: Will be played by a person with model good looks: So, Mary Jane Watson will be played by Zendaya.  Truth… Continue Reading “Mary Jane Watson May Have a Tan”

Back In Gotham (Batman Returns, 1992)

Jack Nicholson kind of established the villains would always be played by big names.  Danny DiVito was brought in to play the Penguin.  But this was not the traditional Penguin from the comics.  Not merely a short round guy is a top hat, Burton… Continue Reading “Back In Gotham (Batman Returns, 1992)”