Month: February 2016

Boys and Ghouls Go to the Movies Part 1 (Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight, 1995)

HBO’s Tales From the Crypt was in it’s sixth Season when they started a bold plan to break out into movies. There had been a Tales from the Crypt film in the seventies, but this would be different. Instead of being an anthology film,… Continue Reading “Boys and Ghouls Go to the Movies Part 1 (Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight, 1995)”

The Danger of Deadpool’s Victory

So, since the last time I talked about Deadpool, I was proven very wrong.  Deadpool was a hit with critics and audiences, receiving a lot of praise.  There are people who did not care for it, but the movie broke records nobody expected. I… Continue Reading “The Danger of Deadpool’s Victory”

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part3 (The Abyss, 1989)

Before Terminator 2, James Cameron made the Abyss.  As with almost every film he makes, he introduced revolutionary technology.  Without the Abyss (and it’s now simple “Water Tentacle”, we may not have seen any of the other revolutions in digital effects that followed). But… Continue Reading “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part3 (The Abyss, 1989)”

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 2 (Leviathan, 1989)

Also in 1989, we were treated to Leviathan. This was set at a deep sea mining facility.  Getting close to rotating out, they discover a sunken ship called the Leviathan.  In hopes of claiming riches, they brink back a safe.  But the safe just… Continue Reading “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 2 (Leviathan, 1989)”

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 1 (Deep Star Six, 1989)

1989 saw three competing sci-fi/horror films.  One stood out above the other two, but we will get to that one later. First up is Sean Cunningham’s Deep Star Six.  Cunningham was known primarily for producing and directing the first Friday the 13th.  He is… Continue Reading “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 1 (Deep Star Six, 1989)”

Science Gone Mad Part 3 (Real Genius, 1985)

There was a time when Val Kilmer was primarily doing goofball comedies like Top Secret or playing supporting roles like Iceman in Top Gun.  Not like when he was a serious actor in Batman Forever. Anyways, Real Genius was a little more grounded in… Continue Reading “Science Gone Mad Part 3 (Real Genius, 1985)”

Science Gone Mad Part 2 (Wierd Science, 1985)

John Hughes’ juvenile take on Mary Poppins and genies should really be more problematic than it often is. Released in 1985, the film pandered to boyish nerd fantasies.  It focuses on downtrodden super nerds Wyatt and Gary.  Both are obsessed with girls while being… Continue Reading “Science Gone Mad Part 2 (Wierd Science, 1985)”

Science Gone Mad Part 1 (My Science Project, 1985)

1985 was a big year for Teen Science Nerd films.  I will be reviewing the three films over the next three days.  Today, we start with director John Betuel’s My Science Project.  Betuel wrote the classic Sci-Fi film the Last Starfighter and he wrote… Continue Reading “Science Gone Mad Part 1 (My Science Project, 1985)”

Four or Five Moments (Deadpool, 2016)

Tim Miller’s Deadpool is hilarious and fun.  A darkly comic take that brings the pages to life by simply understanding the character.  The movie is also extremely crass, full of over the top cartoonish violence, raunchy humor, some nudity and plenty of profanity.  This… Continue Reading “Four or Five Moments (Deadpool, 2016)”

Rebooting the Spoiler Egg

I have now seen two articles that talk about how movies either had spoilers or Easter Eggs that reveal the end of the movie.  I feel like we are getting dumber and dumber. The claim of movies with spoilers was quickly derided by pointing… Continue Reading “Rebooting the Spoiler Egg”