Month: April 2019

That’s It… For Now (Avengers: EndGame, 2019)

This is a Spoiler Free Review.  This also means it will be super short. So, back in the early days, the plan was to have a two part Avengers: Infinity War. Then Marvel announced that this would not be the case.  There would be… Continue Reading “That’s It… For Now (Avengers: EndGame, 2019)”

Rebirth of the Demon (Hellboy, 2019)

For a time it appeared as if 2008’s Hellboy and the Golden Army was the last time we were going to see Hellboy on the big screen. But then, a few years ago, new talk of a third Hellboy film emerged.  Guillermo Del Toro… Continue Reading “Rebirth of the Demon (Hellboy, 2019)”

You Happy Puppet (Possum, 2018)

Possum is the tale of a disillusioned puppeteer who lives with his stepfather. He decides he must rid himself of the puppet that he keeps in a bag. But the puppet keeps returning to him. This film has a constant state of sadness.  It… Continue Reading “You Happy Puppet (Possum, 2018)”

From a Child Into A Man (Shazam!, 2019)

In the 40s Bill Parker and C.C. Beck created Captain Marvel.  Young Billy Batson is granted powers by a Wizard that allow him to become a supper powers hero to fight evil. The Wizard’s name, Shazam, was also the magic word that would allow… Continue Reading “From a Child Into A Man (Shazam!, 2019)”

I don’t Want To Live My Life Again (Pet Sematary, 2019)

It seems like Stephen King is seeing a Cinematic Resurgence.  The new It film was a hit with a highly anticipated sequel on the way this year.  Also coming this year is In the Tall Grass, while there are announced adaptions of Firestarter and… Continue Reading “I don’t Want To Live My Life Again (Pet Sematary, 2019)”

Sometimes Dead Is Better (Pet Sematary, 1989)

When Stephen King wrote Pet Sematary, the publisher rejected and King himself felt it was such a dark tale, he shelved it.  He ended up submitting it to complete a deal with his publisher. And, understandably, Pet Sematary is a dark book that explores… Continue Reading “Sometimes Dead Is Better (Pet Sematary, 1989)”

Don’t Trust Yourself (Us, 2019)

But I care about love I care about truth And I care about trust And I care about you I care about us ~Michael Been, Us, On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough, 1994 Get Out made people step back and reassess their perception… Continue Reading “Don’t Trust Yourself (Us, 2019)”