You Happy Puppet (Possum, 2018)

Possum_PosterPossum is the tale of a disillusioned puppeteer who lives with his stepfather. He decides he must rid himself of the puppet that he keeps in a bag. But the puppet keeps returning to him.

This film has a constant state of sadness.  It is less scary and more creepy.  The puppet is super disturbed looking. Like a spider with a human head.

Honestly, I am not sure if I liked this film or not.  It feels like someone captured depression in a bottle and then trapped it within film.

It moves at a quiet pace, relying on the dreadful creepiness that questions if the puppet is truly a living evil or if Philip is just broken from reality. Is someone messing with him? It may be so. This is a dark and bleak film, that is unrelenting in its gloom.

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