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Trapped In a Fantasy (Isn’t It Romantic, 2019)

Rom Coms are an often maligned genre. Much like Horror, if a Rom Com is done well, people try and argue it is not really a Rom Com. This is a lot to do with the fact that Rom Coms have a pretty solid… Continue Reading “Trapped In a Fantasy (Isn’t It Romantic, 2019)”

Rom Cooking (Always Be My Maybe, 2019)

Always Be My Maybe is the story of Sasha and Marcus, lifelong friends whose lives are dealt a painful blow that causes them to lose contact for over a decade. Sasha grows up to be a world famous Chef, while Marcus lives with his… Continue Reading “Rom Cooking (Always Be My Maybe, 2019)”

Dilemmas 2 (A Christmas Prince: the Royal Wedding, 2018)

AMBER AND THE PRINCE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! So, Amber has made a name for herself blogging about her relationship with the Prince and his family. But, surprise, surprise, none of this is sitting well with the Royals. Well, the Queen and the Prince… Continue Reading “Dilemmas 2 (A Christmas Prince: the Royal Wedding, 2018)”

Dilemmas (A Christmas Prince, 2017)

Amber is a journalist with big dreams to break a big story. She gets the assignment to go to a small country and cover its playboy prince, who seems far from ready to inherit the throne.  She arrives, only to find that the story… Continue Reading “Dilemmas (A Christmas Prince, 2017)”

Follow the Calendar (The Holiday Calendar, 2018)

Abbey Sutton is a photographer who has been scared to ever take the same risk as her best friend Josh, a famous globe trotting photographer. He comes back to town for Christmas and starts helping her at the local Santa Display as an assisting… Continue Reading “Follow the Calendar (The Holiday Calendar, 2018)”

The Princess Trap (The Princess Switch, 2018)

Stacy is the owner of a small but popular bake shop. Stacy is a nice but constantly trying to control her future. Right before Christmas, her sous chef Kevin and his daughter Olivia that they entered her in a contest… and she won the… Continue Reading “The Princess Trap (The Princess Switch, 2018)”


Well, here we are. Another year has almost passed. for December, a friend made a suggestion this year that maybe I should review a bunch of Hallmark Christmas movies. I hesitated, but decided to go forward. I am not sticking with just Hallmark films…instead,… Continue Reading “Holidaze”

The Trouble With Boys (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, 2018)

Lara Jean lives with her two sisters and dad. Lara Jean lives a rich fantasy life dreaming of the perfect romance.  The love of her life is her close friend Josh…who is dating her older sister Margot. The night before going to college overseas,… Continue Reading “The Trouble With Boys (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, 2018)”

Coasting to the End(Playing It Cool, 2014)

There is a lot about Playing Cool that makes me want to like it.  The cast (both lead and supporting) is comprised almost entirely of actors I like a lot.  The film has some nice ideas it is playing with.  It has some clever… Continue Reading “Coasting to the End(Playing It Cool, 2014)”