Month: February 2020

The Art of Gaslighting (The Invisible Man, 2020)

When the Tom Cruise update of the Mummy crumbled, so did the planned Dark Universe that Universal was placing hopes on. Instead, Universal penned a deal with low budget horror production studio Blumhouse.  They brought in director Leigh Whannell to make a lower budget… Continue Reading “The Art of Gaslighting (The Invisible Man, 2020)”

Give It All Away (Brewster’s Millions, 1985)

Back in 2008, Bill Gates retired from the day to day of Microsoft and had the plan to devote his fortune to charity. Twelve years of giving charitably, Bill Gates is now worth more than he was in 2008. Monty Brewster is a down… Continue Reading “Give It All Away (Brewster’s Millions, 1985)”

The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)

Parasite opens with a family struggling to find access to someone’s wi-fi so they can use their phones. Comical and relatable it is also clear the Kim Family are constantly trying to find ways to make money and cut costs. When a friend of… Continue Reading “The Rich Eat the Poor Eat the Rich (Parasite, 2019)”

Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)

I confess…the subject of the film is not close to my heart. Cars are a utilitarian tool for me. So, I confess, the trailers did not excite me much. Damon and Bale are pretty proven variables…and Mangold has shown himself to be a skilled… Continue Reading “Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)”

Quiet Regrets (The Irishman, 2019)

Martin Scorsese has given us countless cinematic classics. It stunned the world of film when it was announced his next film, the Irishman, would be a Netflix original. The Irishman follows the life of Frank Sheeran, a mid level mafia type who…well, when all… Continue Reading “Quiet Regrets (The Irishman, 2019)”

Life of a Neighbor (a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 2019)

Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist known for exposing the truths people would rather not have exposed about themselves. He is a new father. His relationship with his own father seems damaged beyond repair. Lloyd is shocked when he is given a puff piece… Continue Reading “Life of a Neighbor (a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 2019)”

Quick Dive (Underwater, 2020)

So, this was a film that seemed to get a lot of doubt cast its way before it opened.  It had a lot going against it. There is a group of people out there dedicated to just hating on Kristen Stewart due to her… Continue Reading “Quick Dive (Underwater, 2020)”

Oh the Horror! (Cats, 2019)

Cats has a scene where Rebel Wilson’s Jennyanydots unzips her fur to reveal more fur and a costume and she eats cockroaches with human heads. This is a nightmare.  And I do not know where the responsibility all is falling too.  The story is… Continue Reading “Oh the Horror! (Cats, 2019)”

Moving On (Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, 2020)

The DC Extended Universe Films have struggled. A lot.  By the time Justice League came out the only film that had seemed to be a solid success with critics and audiences. Wonder Woman was joined by Aquaman and Shazam! as viewed through a largely… Continue Reading “Moving On (Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, 2020)”

Live Your Fantasy (Fantasy Island, 2020)

Fantasy Island is a show mainly remembered for Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Rourke and his assistant Tattoo played by Hervé Villechaize. The show was an anthology series where every week, guests would arrive to fulfill a fantasy. Usually it was for an adventure to… Continue Reading “Live Your Fantasy (Fantasy Island, 2020)”