Quick Dive (Underwater, 2020)

Underwater_PosterSo, this was a film that seemed to get a lot of doubt cast its way before it opened.  It had a lot going against it. There is a group of people out there dedicated to just hating on Kristen Stewart due to her role in Twilight.  The film sat on the shelf for nearly three years.

But I was still curious from that first trailer…I love a good creature feature. Especially undersea monster films. And so I refused to let the naysayers get me down. And you know what?

This is a good deep sea creature feature.  It kicks in with the action right away, and keeps things moving quickly.  The characters are not all that complex, and if the film slowed down much, that could be a problem. But it really only pauses to set you up for what is about to take place or clarify what has happened. I really had fun watching the film and it is effective in all the ways I wanted, with enough of mystery surrounding the monsters that I was curious to learn more.

It is a strong film that accomplishes what it needs to in a way that should appeal to any creature feature fan.

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