Month: December 2018

A Dangerous Influence (Won’t You Be My Neighbor, 2018)

By the time I was watching Mister Roger’s Neighborhood had been going on for over ten years. And I was one of the thousands of kids in America who grew up with the kindly neighbor and his land of imagination…Daniel the Tiger, King Friday… Continue Reading “A Dangerous Influence (Won’t You Be My Neighbor, 2018)”

Dive Deep (Aquaman, 2018)

Sure, you know Aquaman can swim fast, talk to fish and punch hard. But what do you really know? This holiday season, we have the full story of the savior of the seas.  Born of a lighthouse keeper from the surface world and the… Continue Reading “Dive Deep (Aquaman, 2018)”

The Family Line Part Two (Snow 2: Brain Freeze, 2008)

Nick and Sandy now live in their magic home together…she has big news, but everything keeps getting pushed aside, due to the stress of the impending holiday…after a fight, Nick decided to go somewhere to contemplate his feelings. When he appears in a family’s… Continue Reading “The Family Line Part Two (Snow 2: Brain Freeze, 2008)”

Backward Compatible (Bumblebee, 2018)

It is Charlie’s 18th birthday. And Charlie feels out of sync with the entire world. It seems her mother and brother were able to move past the death of her father. She had no friends.  The rich snobs mock and bully her. All Charlie… Continue Reading “Backward Compatible (Bumblebee, 2018)”

The Family Line Part One (Snow, 2004)

Days before Christmas, a poacher has captured one of Santa’s Reindeer and given it to a zoo.  Santa goes undercover to save his reindeer (and by Christmas).  Santa is part of a lineage that passes from father to son and it is Nick’s first… Continue Reading “The Family Line Part One (Snow, 2004)”

What a Scrooge Part 12 (It’s Christmas, Carol, 2012)

If you thought that this was a movie where a miser named Carol (played by Carrie Fisher) is visited by three ghosts… You are a little off. Carol is a powerful young publishing executive who treats her employees poorly and has favored her career… Continue Reading “What a Scrooge Part 12 (It’s Christmas, Carol, 2012)”

Groundh-er-Christmas Day (the Christmas Do-Over, 2006)

Kevin is in a miserable place. His rock star dreams never panned out. His marriage collapsed, his former in-laws hate him and his son does not yet see what a lousy dad he has. He barely plans for a Christmas gift for his son… Continue Reading “Groundh-er-Christmas Day (the Christmas Do-Over, 2006)”

Shedding the Mortal Coil (Mortal Engines, 2018)

In the future, there are predator cities and there are the cities trying to survive. What does this mean? Uhhhh…well, a gravelly voice informs us of the 60 minute war that left the world devastated. To survive, people built mobile cities that roamed the… Continue Reading “Shedding the Mortal Coil (Mortal Engines, 2018)”

What a Scrooge Part 11 (Chasing Christmas, 2005)

Jack Cameron is a bitter man.  His marriage went south with his wife cheating on him and it pretty much left him broke and unwilling to move forward in life.  His daughter wants him to get past it and embrace life…or at least…maybe Christmas.… Continue Reading “What a Scrooge Part 11 (Chasing Christmas, 2005)”

You Can Never Have Too Much Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018)

A few years ago, after the big Sony hack, Sony and Marvel resumed the failed talks about  Spider-Man films. It resulted in the very fun Spider-Man: Homecoming, pretty much run by Marvel. But Sony still holds the rights to do with the Spider-Man characters… Continue Reading “You Can Never Have Too Much Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018)”