Monkey Paws (Wish Upon, 2017)

Wish_Upon_PosterTrying to cope with the suicide of her mother, Clare and her father are just getting by.  Clare has few friends and is bullied in school.  Her father gives her an ornate box as a gift.  It turns out to be a supernatural force that grants her the wishes of her heart.

But each wish comes at a cost.  Something terrible will befall people in her life.  Often, this is a painful death.  She seeks help from Ryan, whose cousin is some sort of expert in ancient artifacts such as this.  But as Clare tries to outwit the box, she finds it harder to deny her intense desire to make things better for herself.  And when she tries to quit the box, her life seems to get worse, as if the box is goading her.

As interesting as the premise is, the film never builds effective tension.  It is pretty standard fare.  Neither completely terrible nor particularly good, it is a rather forgettable film.

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