Tripping Through Gateways


As social media has become a larger and larger part of our lives, film makers have tried to incorporate this into the horror genre.  Films have tried to tackle both the fears of the Dark Web and supernatural takes on social media usage.  Unfriended and it’s sequel Unfriended: Dark Web actually go both routes.  From cyber-bullying to ghosts…they are trying to make it work. So far, there have not really been any… Read More

Trying to cope with the suicide of her mother, Clare and her father are just getting by.  Clare has few friends and is bullied in school.  Her father gives her an ornate box as a gift.  It turns out to be a supernatural force that grants her the wishes of her heart. But each wish comes at a cost.  Something terrible will befall people in her life.  Often, this is a painful… Read More

Ed and Lorraine Warren are semi-famous paranormal investigators.  They are devout Catholics and very serious about their work.  But they were most prominent in the 70’s and 80’s. Ed actually passed away in 2006, but his wife has carried on their work.  They were one of many investigators of the home of Amityville Horror fame.  James Wan thought their work would make for an interesting horror film. The Conjuring is based on… Read More