Boldly Going: the Introduction

To be honest? I was always a Star Wars kid. At age five, I saw Star Wars and I was hooked.  I also liked Star Trek…but it had ended before I was born. I discovered it through syndicated re-runs, and I thought it was kind of cool.  I was more excited after I saw Wrath of Khan as a kid…that was a cool film.


I watched the Next Generation randomly, and enough to really like Picard, Data Worf and the other members of the crew. My favorite Star Trek was Deep Space Nine…but even there, I have only seen a random number of episodes.  In fact, there is no Star Trek series I have watched every episode of. I might get through Picard soon.


But…I have seen every Star Trek film. And I only recently realized that I have only reviewed one Star Trek film.  Star Trek Beyond.  And I need to rectify that.  Beyond was a fun film that I find very re-watchable.


So, let us fix this glaring gap.  I have recently sat back down and watched every Star Trek movie from the Motion Picture to Beyond.  And for the next three weeks I will give my thoughts on each film. So let us boldly go to where many have gone before…

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