Now You See Me (The Invisible Man, 1933)

Invisible_Man_1933_PosterThe Invisible Man opens mid story.  A mysterious bandaged stranger arrives at a tavern and demands a room.

When he becomes abusive to the tavern owners the police come and the truth is revealed…beneath the bandages is emptiness. Meanwhile, associates of the invisible man are trying to locate him in the hopes of curing his condition.

It is revealed that while he is initially trying to heal his infliction, Jack Griffin is being driven mad with power through the invisibility. Through his beloved Flora and her father, we discover he was a better man, and they are hoping to return him to that.

The idea that invisibility would turn any man or woman deviant no matter how decent they are is not really quite explored here, as it is shown to be a side effect of the formula that is driving him mad.

The Invisible Man is short and moves quickly, and Claude Rains is quite entertaining.  The effects are still incredibly effective, making this a fun part of movie history.

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