Manimal Part 2 (Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time, 1991)

beastmaster_ii_poster.jpgDar is off living as a nomad with only his animal companions.  The evil Arklon is trying to take over their world.  He is promised the ultimate weapon by the sorceress Lyranna.  She brings him to a portal to another world.  Just as they are planning to go through, a car, followed by two cop cars burst through.  The first car is occupied a young woman named Jackie. She meets up with Dar, and is, obviously confused.

Eventually, they cross over to our world.  This is actually where the film picks up.  Dar’s fish out of water situation is pretty funny.  He notes that the term rock and roll seems accurate, as it reminds him of an earthquake.

Outside of this, it is not all that memorable.  There are some attempts to create epic connections between Dar and Arklon, but they end up coming off as rather silly. And again, the acting is all over the place. Sarah Douglas is pretty obviously enjoying hamming it up.

The film lacks much in the way of monsters.  There is one, but it turns out to have a connection to Dar (everybody seems connected to Dar).

This is the only film directed by producer Sylvio Tabet, and it is kind of obvious why. A lot of the film is pretty pedestrian,


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